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Media, crowds swarm Ron Paul in New Hampshire


Published on 9 years ago

Sponsor: http://FreeKeene.com - Media, crowds swarm Ron Paul in New Hampshire. This will give you a good feel for how it felt to be there. I shot this on May 13, 2011 at Exeter.

This clip is part of a series. The next part should appear as a video response to this clip. Part 1 is at: https://dlyou.tube/watch/MvkHMjMFUNI
From there click on the video responses 2 move forward through the series in order.

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Comments :


norm741 . 8 years ago

Ron Paul represents the America I use to know and not the America of endless wars, torture and the trampling of civil liberties

Ievolovel . 8 years ago

Where can I sign up to be a body guard for Dr. Paul? Would be an honor and a feat for myself. I'd eat bullets for that man.
Know One

Know One . 8 years ago

I want that "unfuck the world" t-shirt.

mainmedic . 9 years ago

@libertytooth I know exactly how you feel. I would love to be able to meet him.
Rich G

Rich G . 9 years ago

The only problem with ron paul is that he is mortal.

twn5858 . 9 years ago

Unfuck the world. I love it!

mala265 . 9 years ago

I can count on one hand how many people I would LOVE to meet for the first time. Ron Paul is one of them ...and Im in New Zealand. America you are sooo lucky to have this man.
pam larson

pam larson . 9 years ago

Once you know the truth you can never go back... President Paul 2012

Guysmiley . 9 years ago

Ron Pauls got my vote.
Hebrew Executioner

Hebrew Executioner . 9 years ago

I'll vote 4 him if he challenges Obama's, eligibility, 2 me thats the only thing that will separate the 2 sides of the same coin we always seem to put into office
Adrian Yanez

Adrian Yanez . 9 years ago

Thank You Dr. Paul

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