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Compton Outreach Mission 2016 - Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez

Luis Sanchez

Published on 3 years ago

City Of Compton outreach was a success! Thanking God for this mission and opportunity to be a witness and share the love of Christ! When we go into the highways and byways the end result is BIG!

A born again life represents Christ, but most importantly it [pleads] for the broken hearted, widow, and poor as well as the gang member, pimp and prostitute. This is what it's all about! It's about taking risk and losing your life to find life Amen. Be looking for future videos on City Of Compton outreach 2016. Thank you and please subscribe Luis Sanchez

Special shout out to the outreach team for making this a living reality. You guys rocked it! It was a honor to hang with you guys in Cali!

Larry Atkins - Alex Gomez - Robert Lopez Sr. - Marco A Rojas - Steven Gonzalez - Ziggy Garcia - Mike Harper - Vernon Amos

Please check out outreach ministries below.

Serving ministry ~ http://bit.ly/CityCare
Work ministry ~ http://bit.ly/City-Crew
Apostolic teaching ~ http://bit.ly/CityCrusader
Luis Sanchez Ministries ~ http://www.luiscsanchez.com/

Let's connect.

http://bit.ly/InstagramLuisSanchez http://bit.ly/RadioHostLuisSanchez

Comments :

Victor L Cruz Jr

Victor L Cruz Jr . 3 years ago

AWESOME!!! Jesus Rocks!!!
Alex Gomez

Alex Gomez . 3 years ago

Oh man....I enjoyed this trailer so much! I've seen like 4x already! I wonder why.....hmm....

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