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Highlights Atlético de Madrid vs FC Barcelona (0-1)
LaLiga Santander

LaLiga Santander

Published on 4 days ago

FC Barcelona beat Atletico Madrid at the Wanda Metropolitano thanks to a late Messi goal #AtletiBarça. LaLiga Santander 2019/2020

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Comments :

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Camisetas futbol . 2 hours ago

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hen ko

hen ko . 9 hours ago

Oblak n Diego going to have ptsd from messi😂
Diego Salazar

Diego Salazar . 15 hours ago

Messi papa!!!
Stasiu Kowalczyk

Stasiu Kowalczyk . 15 hours ago

Match like Barca vs Real Madryt That ending 🤯
Rock girl

Rock girl . 17 hours ago

Messi just need someone to pass him and thats all he finish it🔥🔥🔥😁😁😁Wowowowwoow
yellow panda

yellow panda . 21 hours ago

why is this video going viral https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzB9ovjlBf4

MrSilender . 21 hours ago

Two reasons why Barca is holding up top: Ter Stegen and Messi.
Emily An

Emily An . 23 hours ago

Im happy when messi smile at griezman😂
Tunde Shinibara

Tunde Shinibara . 1 day ago


ddonkey . 1 day ago

Messi can easily trash them if he want to. he just pity them
Rainbow Kenya Online

Rainbow Kenya Online . 1 day ago

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RoniLit_Vlogs . 1 day ago

When you put the video in 0.25x speed, you can see that the goalie didnt even touch the ball. God did it
Cam Era

Cam Era . 1 day ago

Ter Stegen from Fifa 20 showed up?!
less kiss

less kiss . 1 day ago

Im happy when messi smile at griezman😂
Operation Arsenal

Operation Arsenal . 1 day ago

Estos kits de Barca paracen 💩
Tori_ KHH

Tori_ KHH . 2 days ago

Messi and Ter Stegen <3
Ask to seduce Miss

Ask to seduce Miss . 2 days ago

1:27 You can't see it all because it ends but Messi and Griezmann Huged so I think their friends 😀
It's Lexo

It's Lexo . 2 days ago

Messi Nigerian u13 https://youtu.be/WmJDY-qjo9Q
Truth Revealed

Truth Revealed . 2 days ago

https://youtu.be/xcVVXPlTIzg This is what is happening in South Africa
Ian Lydington

Ian Lydington . 2 days ago

"Messi did what Messi does"
Mnelisi Mdaka

Mnelisi Mdaka . 2 days ago

Marc Andre Ter Stegen, world's best goalkeeper
Lalumuga yyir

Lalumuga yyir . 2 days ago

Bancilona kuning taikkkkk
Hamza k

Hamza k . 2 days ago

this is why messi is the goat https://zee.gl/r2MGH
Ruamoney Money

Ruamoney Money . 2 days ago

big tox

big tox . 2 days ago

Paremot Tv

Paremot Tv . 2 days ago

look at the my channel ty guys.
Lam Đình

Lam Đình . 2 days ago

Phải nói là vị thần m10
Bond James Bond

Bond James Bond . 2 days ago

https://youtu.be/D6fPM3bqkuQ So much 4 Ballor'D 🧐
Charming nowhere to hide

Charming nowhere to hide . 2 days ago

Good job Messi... Still #ValverdeOut
Zayneyboy Buscette

Zayneyboy Buscette . 2 days ago

Messi is just to good
Bill Green

Bill Green . 2 days ago

This is far from luck 🕊
Kevin Dang

Kevin Dang . 2 days ago

Messi the 6oat

Southie . 3 days ago

You gotta give some credit to Ter Stegen, without his 2 great saves Messi's goal would have little meaning considering they would be 2-0 up. Ter Stegen and Messi are the most important players for Barca, when they leave Barca will probably turn into shit for few years time.
Tomislav Stiperski

Tomislav Stiperski . 3 days ago

We are awake from the dream in second half and in secon half we are better team but we nust be better and much more danger
Charstamy Thomazor

Charstamy Thomazor . 3 days ago

Cyril Bonnie

Cyril Bonnie . 3 days ago

Atlético did well
leonardo dfdfdf

leonardo dfdfdf . 3 days ago

messi sucks
Emre Korkmaz

Emre Korkmaz . 3 days ago

Top sağlammış yorum tak tak ediyor
Guybrush Threepweed

Guybrush Threepweed . 3 days ago

Ter Stegen does all the dirty work and then Messi does what he does best.
Tramaine Terrance

Tramaine Terrance . 3 days ago

Hello, Humans. "It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both." -Niccolo Machiavelli TERRANCE OUT
kev889 hen

kev889 hen . 3 days ago

Yoooo i wanted griezman to score a goal so bad in that game
Mu E

Mu E . 3 days ago

Ulan bu amina kodumun cocuguda zorla kasli bir sey oldu gitti siktimin
Kel Adam

Kel Adam . 3 days ago

Adam olun
MuHaMmEdMuSa AyLi

MuHaMmEdMuSa AyLi . 3 days ago

ter stegen iş very good 👍👍
The Kilted Climber

The Kilted Climber . 3 days ago

Onur Durmuş

Onur Durmuş . 3 days ago

Beinsport süperlig youtube kanalı mı hassiktir ordan
Felipe Bernardes

Felipe Bernardes . 3 days ago

Jesus.... this entire game was all fought by the goalkeepers.

TheJacka96 . 3 days ago

Not even highlights, show the penalties that should have been and the red card for pique. Disgrace
Jonatan Rabelo Silva

Jonatan Rabelo Silva . 3 days ago

Atlético de Madrid is a hard oponent for Barcelona
Hamse Mahdi

Hamse Mahdi . 3 days ago

Griezmann: Messi it’s my old team Messi: i don’t care 🤷‍♂️ Griezmann: ok but please only one goal 🥅 Messi: trust me

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