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Rock Church

Published on 3 months ago

This 5-part series explains the depths of the courtrooms of Heaven in order to help you discover your kingdom destiny. In Part 1, Pastor Miles parallels the similarities between the courtrooms here on Earth and the courtrooms in Heaven.

Rock Church is one of San Diego¹s largest churches. Founded in 2000 by Pastor Miles McPherson, former NFL player, the Rock¹s vision is to establish Pervasive Hope throughout San Diego and the world and now has multiple campuses across San Diego county.

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Prince Amo

Prince Amo . 2 months ago

Thank you sir, this message is deep, very impactful and has changed my prayer life as a pastor..
kjv lightsaber - sword of the spirit - word of god

kjv lightsaber - sword of the spirit - word of god . 2 months ago

*scottie clarke, everything paul including the blessed hope rapture was a mysterious secret hidden in god in "times past"; “but now”, paul has revealed it as revelation, the rapture is “but now” a; scottie clarke wait for it………scottie wait for it…………….wait for it …………….* *PROPHECY!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!* that’s right scottie, the rapture in "times past" was mystery, “but now”, the rapture is a “but now” prophetic event or prophecy!!!!!!!!!!????????? *scottie, kjv dispers such as the old yoda jedi knight rodney beau like to get too cute with their word play or semantics such as prophecy, mystery, prophecy.* rodney is absolutely adamant that nothing prophetic or no prophecy cannot or will not happen during the pauline grace age. rodney is stubbornly adamant that everything paul is still mystery in times past and in the “but now”, thus making the blessed hope rapture a mysterious secret and not prophetic. *scottie how can anyone be saved in the pauline grace age by the gospel of grace if it is still a “but now” mystery or a mysterious secret that nobody can even know about it in the “but now”???????!!!!!!!!!!!* *scottie, what happens when paul reveals the “times past” mystery rapture in the “but now” and it is suppose to happen in the future? - the rapture becomes; scottie clarke wait for it…..…scottie wait for it ……wait for it……………* *PROPHECY!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!* scottie, the old yoda kjv disper jedi knight rodney beau is scared to death to admit that everything paul is “but now” prophecy or prophetic. rodney insists that everything paul is still a “but now” mystery; *this is rodney’s way of suppressing the truth denying that the spiritual gifts such as prophecy and tongues are still in play in the “but now”!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????* *scottie, do u honestly believe that a times past mysterious secret, last trump, in the twinkling of an eye, kjv disper anytime doctrine blessed hope rapture that you cannot even know about (because it is still a “but now” mystery according to rodney) will somehow mysteriously and spontaneously happen at anytime while scottie clarke is taking his good morning dump, reading this comment on his smart phone while rodney is picking his nose at the dinner table??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* *scottie i commented to u many times before warning u to not let anyone bastardize ur research, or blitz or grevas research on the prophetic joel blood moons and the rev 12 sign.* i guess the holy spirit knew or sensed that the kjv disper such as rodney was going to throw u off with their prejudice against the past abuse of pentecostal, or aog churches?????????*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have heard those comments before regarding the pentecostal and aog churches that breaker, kim and other kjv dispers talk about as if they were molested by them. *they pressure believers into speaking in tongues as evidence of salvation????!!!!!!!!* rodney believes that tongues, prophecy and knowledge has ceased, failed and vanished in the “but now”. paul said that this would happen at the “but then” face to face. *for “but now” we see through a glass darkly, “but then face to face” at the bema seat of christ, rapture perfection “day of christ” (not the day of the lord) will tongues, prophecy, and knowledge; cease, fail and vanish.* scottie, i commented to u many times on this before. please reread my previous blogs comments again????????!!!!!!!!!!! *scottie, the spiritual gifts like the gift of salvation cannot be earned, be paid for, or be studied for etc. spiritual gifts are given to u freely. not because u are a perfect pastor at a mega church.* a pastor said that he witnessed destitute street people coming off the streets to his church and then they were baptized in the spirit speaking in tongues like there was no tomorrow. i have heard multiple stories of kids baptized in the spirit speaking in tongues, but later in life they go hog wild hardcore on drugs, sex and rock and roll or whatever - they saw demons while on drugs, but later they became pastors. if anything, spiritual gifts at the will of the holy spirit are not given to perfect or deserving people. kjv dispers, scottie, pentecostals are not perfect or deserving people. u do not have to be studied, rich, or a mega church pastor to receive the free gift of salvation or receive spiritual gifts!!!!!????? *paul only said to eagerly desire spiritual gifts from the father - as children would eagerly desire gifts or toys for christmas from santa claus or their parents!? scottie, instead of eagerly desiring more toys or trump guns for ur gun collection, i challenge scottie clarke along with all the kjv dispers to eagerly desire free spiritual gifts from the holy spirit such as tongues, prophesy, gifts of healing, discernment of spirits, workers of miracles etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????* as imperfect children or entrusted with free gifts for christmas, pentecostals, aogs and the like need instruction and care on how to take care of their toys or how to develop and use those free gifts given to unperfect, underserving people. *kat kerr says that she has eaten pizza and chocolate ice cream in heaven made of light and that god loves to eat and that kat kerr is best friends with many angels assigned under the archangel gabriel!!!???!!!???* *jennifer eivaz said that developing the gift of discernment will require u to see demons and angels.* eivaz says the angels under lucifer are now demons. enoch people believe that demons are not angels of lucifer but they are evil spirits from the dead hybrid giants who had human mothers and lucifer angels as fathers???????!!!!!!!!!!! *nobody is perfect, including pentecostals, aogs, children speaking in tongues, nor kjv dispers such as breaker or kim, nobody is perfect.* but paul did say eagerly desire spiritual gifts such as tongues or prophesy etc. as imperfect and undeserving children would eagerly desire free gifts from their parents during christmas!!!!!!!!!!?????????? john bevere, the tongue speaker holy spirit teacher said he struggled with porn along the way and he can see how it affected his future christian marriage????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *speaking in tongues of men and angels.* even though u being evil know how to give gifts to ur children, how much more is god willing to give u the holy spirit to those who ask? many people want the gifts of healing but are deathly afraid of tongues. the big elephant in the room, how does a believer know that the tongues of angels is not coming from a lucifer angel posing as an angel of light?! a pastor told me that trained engineers and scientists have a hard time believing in jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? *maybe its too late for rodney to eagerly desire spiritual gifts* as some people would say that he is too old, hardcore set in his ways – or in star wars speak, he is too old to be entered into the jedi knight school or training????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *for the sake of argument, rodney is scottie clarkes grade school sex ed teacher – behold, scottie boy, i show u a mystery, scottie boy will be changed into a teen angst a-hole against the whole world with emotions for the opposite sex and scottie boy will grow pubic hairs. the mystery of pubic hairs revealed by rodney with video, becomes revelation to scottie boy and therefore it can no longer be a secret mystery withheld by protective parents, in fact, pubic hairs becomes prophetic or prophecy because scottie the drummer boy still has a few more years before he starts to see pubic hairs on his body along with everything else that comes with puberty. everything paul is no longer a secret mystery, because paul revealed that mystery as revelation therefore making the rapture prophetic and prophecy – get it??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!* *scottie, kjv dispers such as rodney, breaker and kim among many others are the reason y there is that ugly monster called the secret mysterious anytime doctrine imminent rapture that nobody is suppose to know anything about because it is still a mystery and therefore it cannot be prophetic because gosh darn it nothing prophetic can ever happen in the pauline grace age according to rodney, lest those pesky charismatic pentecostal churches are really practicing spiritual gifts such as tongues and prophecy like doctors trying to practice medicine – scottie can u see it now????????!!!!!!!!!!!* scottie i warned u before in a blog comment that kjv dispers are right about a lot of things but they are not right about everything. – *do no let rodney bastardize ur research on the prophetic rapture that is still yet to happen in the future!!!!!!!!!!????????* *did the ambiguous great sign that john saw, could it be the prophetic pauline boc rapture transition piece into the 70th week!!!!!!!!!???????????* ur thoughts? go! what scottie clarke doesn't know???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tropical Jewel

Tropical Jewel . 2 months ago

He sound like Obama lol
Su Goi

Su Goi . 2 months ago

This service message is so timely how I'm in the book of Revelation once again. How, reading the first 2-3 chapters is making me see the image of heaven or the courtroom. Miss Pastor Miles' sermons and glad to have a new one from him that's from God. These are 100% truths. the spirit and truths of preaching. Biblical. ..and we'll lead us to spirit and truth living, mindset, faith. Grace and peace!
Redeemed 555

Redeemed 555 . 3 months ago

Powerful and sobering! Looking forward to this Sunday! 🙏
Jasmine Bon

Jasmine Bon . 3 months ago

Y’all people in the comments are forgetting that God has a unique plan for everyone, and has placed a talent/passion in us that can contribute to leading others to the kingdom of God. This includes forms of art like dance, music, etc. Creatives and artists can use their gift to expand the kingdom too. A piece of art can translate well for someone whose learning language is also art. Non creatives aren’t the only ones living on earth.
Mary Mclocke

Mary Mclocke . 3 months ago

Yeshua, the TRUE Jesus Christ, wouldn't approve of this ear tickling, dancing like the world, mess. NO Gospel...WHO has been to court before"? Yeah THAT'S preaching God's word.. It's churches (so called) like this, that keep the TRUE believer home and on our knees praying for Christ to appear..THEN, you can have it! *This is NO Godly sermon!!* EDIT -- I shake my head and GRIEVE that you're pulling SIX WEEKS of this NONSENSE!!
Eileen Rubio

Eileen Rubio . 3 months ago

Jaami Waali!!! I took her Hip Hop class. She's Amazing & full of God's Love... her talent God-given!
Kingdom Warrior

Kingdom Warrior . 3 months ago

Another luke warm message for the thousands of luke warm christians in SD that attend the rock, where entertainment is more important than anything. I was once told that the rocks pastor is such an amazing communicator, you will never here him say um, or uh. SO WHAT. He is an entertainer...and a very good encouraging speaker, like Les Brown, but uses the Lords name in vain. Just another " celebrity " preacher that does not know his flock.
Dan Dixon

Dan Dixon . 3 months ago

The word of god is not theatrics, but keep ministering,God bless
Laninha Tavares

Laninha Tavares . 3 months ago

Bobby Thongkham

Bobby Thongkham . 3 months ago

Could the audio level be louder when the pastor speaks?
Saint Francis Beats

Saint Francis Beats . 3 months ago


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