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Every IHOP Pancake Flavor Taste Test
Good Mythical MORE

Good Mythical MORE

Published on 1 week ago

Today, we're trying different IHOP pancakes because that's the way we like to spend our mornings. Join us in the Every IHOP Pancake Flavor Taste Test on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show.  GMMORE #1633
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Comments :

Kaitlyn Holland

Kaitlyn Holland . 1 hour ago

Chaotic evil episode. Saucy.
Letícia Suzuki

Letícia Suzuki . 7 hours ago

Nobody: Rhett: *slaps whipped cream with a fork*
Joe Luis

Joe Luis . 19 hours ago

Ihop trash compared to dennys
Lizz Locke

Lizz Locke . 22 hours ago

Did anyone stop breathing when they stacked the mugs onto of the plates?
Heather Willis-Kershner

Heather Willis-Kershner . 23 hours ago

Rhett and link have a pig farm they send "everything" to, to get rid of it 🤫 guys! 😬
Heather _

Heather _ . 1 day ago

Man, I really want some IHOP pancakes now
Samantha Robbins

Samantha Robbins . 1 day ago

God Bless Everyone! John 3:16
Modern_Day_ Trash

Modern_Day_ Trash . 1 day ago

Start a petition for IHOP to bring back the red velvet pancakes
haley ciriano

haley ciriano . 2 days ago

I had to look it up for the chocolate chocolate chip pancakes apparently it really is only like 700 calories according to ihop
Brenna Hoskins

Brenna Hoskins . 2 days ago

ok but i honestly watched this one because i’ve never eaten at ihop and i got no information whatsoever because they were so concerned with data they temporarily lost😂😂 i’m ok w it tho
Micah Hollamon

Micah Hollamon . 2 days ago

They do realize that 2000 calories is A LOT right?

911meltdown2 . 2 days ago

Oh my. That was a huge mess of a video. How bad

xXRawrImADinosourXx . 2 days ago

Liked purely because of the stacking skills at the end 😂
J.P. Hardy

J.P. Hardy . 2 days ago

Denny's over IHOP? Don't make me laugh.. or barf, rather.
Catilleon D

Catilleon D . 2 days ago

Why do they need so many forks? I could understand if it was only Link.
Ali Isley

Ali Isley . 2 days ago

I prefer village inn
David Johnson

David Johnson . 2 days ago

Good Guy Rhett saw it was getting close to Gifticality and totally stopped it there on purpose.
Judy Weathers

Judy Weathers . 2 days ago

Ihop's website says the chocolate chocolate chip pancakes are 670 total Cals.
Diane Blumenthal

Diane Blumenthal . 2 days ago

Uh, ya always end with chocolate...always !!!

shell2250 . 2 days ago

Anyone else quickly Google IHOP chocolate chip pancakes, pull up IHOP's website which state the 4 pancakes are 690 CALs, and now thinks GMM needs a new 'numbers' person?! LOL
Niki Cartolano

Niki Cartolano . 2 days ago

Was that ice cream scoop comment a subtle jab at Josh's failed attempt to create the worlds biggest ice cream cone? He did his best!
Jessica Linzy

Jessica Linzy . 2 days ago

Love you guys
Nick The AntiClause

Nick The AntiClause . 3 days ago

The only reason to ever go to an IHOP is to get the Butterscotch Rocks pancakes.
Christiana Soto

Christiana Soto . 3 days ago

for the third pancake i was screaming at the screen saying SLAP IT SLAP IT

A A . 3 days ago

Tres leches is my favorite 💜
Ian David

Ian David . 3 days ago

Link was clearly one of those kids that jumped in every puddle he came across.

DavidTwo2009 . 3 days ago

Those choco-pancakes were great, but I could never finish 'em. Especially as a kid, haha.
Abigail Young

Abigail Young . 3 days ago

so much of the food episodes is just waiting for link to just take a bite of the food already when rhett has already eaten half the dish
Toni Taylor

Toni Taylor . 3 days ago

The argument over the calorie count on the chocolate chip pancakes 🥞🤣 ... we crunched the numbers ... it’s the same calorie count
Hannah Lunsford

Hannah Lunsford . 3 days ago

Why did I just get the notification for this

songstress24 . 3 days ago

Why crunch the numbers when the website literally tells you the calorie count on all of their meals? The chocolate chip pancakes are 690 cals.
Synergy Senpai

Synergy Senpai . 3 days ago

Dolce Leche pancakes 🥞 are the best 😩
Molly Smith

Molly Smith . 3 days ago

I was told to comment here, so..
Steve Kanakanui

Steve Kanakanui . 3 days ago

Renae Santillan

Renae Santillan . 3 days ago

Lance Fannon

Lance Fannon . 4 days ago

So sad, no Cinn-a-stack pancakes which we all know are THE best pancakes known to man!
Profit Trump protégé

Profit Trump protégé . 4 days ago

Alexsis Engle

Alexsis Engle . 4 days ago

Best IHOP pancake is definite the Cinna-stack when you can get it!
Afro Thunda

Afro Thunda . 4 days ago

That ending was epic, totally expected it to fall
Stinky Hernandez

Stinky Hernandez . 4 days ago

Link forgot how to speak english at the beginning of the video

iplanttrees8875 . 4 days ago

Always keep backup forks.
Noel Hopkins

Noel Hopkins . 4 days ago

This is one of the best mores in a minute
Meredith Sobel

Meredith Sobel . 4 days ago

Just here to see if anyone thought it was immoral
Danielle K. Anderson

Danielle K. Anderson . 4 days ago

Well I'm sure that moment at the end made their parents proud of those engineering degrees.
Caroline Young

Caroline Young . 4 days ago

This is immoral

MsShades707 . 4 days ago

4:08 “that’s what it feels like.” 😂😂😂😂
Connie Chung

Connie Chung . 4 days ago

@4:06 ROFL
Tim Rizzo

Tim Rizzo . 4 days ago

One of the best gmmores ever! Esp all the stacking
Donna DeSanctis

Donna DeSanctis . 4 days ago

Def immoral way too sugary i love the plain or with fruit u both are so funny 😂😂😂😂🍮🍮🍮🍮
Janie Windle

Janie Windle . 4 days ago

IHOP has 670-690 calories on their website for the Chocolate Chocolate Pancakes.

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