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hi again
Olivia Jade

Olivia Jade

Published on 5 days ago

Comments :

Javi Lavin

Javi Lavin . 4 seconds ago

Stay away from YouTube
Xavier Hill

Xavier Hill . 16 minutes ago

Who else is here to dislike the video and read the comments 🍿🍿 give it up Olivia Jade your YouTube career is over I rather watch Loren Gray or Jenna Rae Frank than you 👋🏾
Aleksandra T.

Aleksandra T. . 17 minutes ago

Hi lovely, I empathize with you, no matter what.

shelby . 19 minutes ago

shane dawson wyaaaa
Trever Fogarty

Trever Fogarty . 29 minutes ago

You should of paid a writer.....

StainSquad . 30 minutes ago

The answer is no , you shouldn’t come back to YouTube.

iicoco . 30 minutes ago

she looks like veronica wang

Ismael . 33 minutes ago

Tell your mom to send me a few bucks to pay for my school. I’m a broke college student who just wants to make it through! Thanks!

jorden . 33 minutes ago

go back to your rowing life, oh wait forgot you don’t know how 😟
NAncy2018 Khan2018

NAncy2018 Khan2018 . 35 minutes ago

Why do not you stop making videos forever. We are not interested

jorden . 37 minutes ago

she gonna pay YouTube to get all her followers back 😭😂😂😂😂😂

rigoagui . 40 minutes ago

Lock her up!
The Misfit

The Misfit . 42 minutes ago

A simple SORRY would have done the job
Galaxy Ghost

Galaxy Ghost . 43 minutes ago

No one is interested. No apology or a shred of remorse to be found. She is the embodiment of a classic self-entitled narcissist
Elise Emp

Elise Emp . 45 minutes ago

YAY!! just happy you're back! Need some new clothing inspiration!!

Patricia . 45 minutes ago

Olivia Jade, keep posting! You shouldn’t have been bullied out of doing what you clearly love to do. Yes, your parents wanted the best for you and your sister but unfortunately went about it the wrong way and you all have been/are paying the price for it but lesson learned. Good for you, that you have the courage to come back. Soon you’ll be on top again and getting back those sponsors your lost. You are young and it’s time to move forward. Hopefully you won’t let ‘the haters’ get in the way of your happiness. Just post and post and post ...if the content is there...we will watch...💖 Olivia, just ignore all the hate comments by all the haters who are not happy in life and just want to see you fail. This is YOUR channel, YOUR life...if someone doesn’t like it then they shouldn’t be watching. You’re beautiful and young so don’t let anyone get in your way💖
Jessica Schneider

Jessica Schneider . 49 minutes ago


MLGDr.Phill . 53 minutes ago

Your edits are complete shit moms gonna go to prison womp womp Lol
Sara DeLaVega

Sara DeLaVega . 54 minutes ago

My comment was deleted so I’ll say it again. End the corruption where white rich people get away with everything. This girl didn’t even apologize ONCE. she’s not sorry.

MLGDr.Phill . 55 minutes ago

Lol RIP don't drop the soap lol

MLGDr.Phill . 55 minutes ago

I mean prison maybe 10 years fun times
Matthew Eisenman

Matthew Eisenman . 56 minutes ago

So is your mom gonna be someone’s prison bitch or your dad I’m confused? And like was it cool getting into college and not having to work for it? I just wanna know so I can tell all my friends and family that had to work hard for our spots at the universities we’re at unlike you.
Emily Neu

Emily Neu . 60 minutes ago

I’m sure there’s a lot about this situation we don’t know, yet everyone comes on here acting like her life is ours.. obviously mistakes were made but we don’t know everything.. I do wish in this video she addressed our feelings and how this whole situation affected all of us, but I won’t come on here and bash her for it.. Does it really make you a good person if do?

LifeofNathan . 1 hour ago

The lesson to learn here kids is don't cheat!

Jen . 1 hour ago

Another moral of the story is to stop supporting these kind of people. Unsubscribing and not watching her videos will teach her more than our words can.
Vanessa Rinderhagen

Vanessa Rinderhagen . 1 hour ago

You have no idea what its like for others who arent as privileged as you, as some people here have suggested, i agree you need a reality check and you should go spend some time with those who dont have it easy like you do. There are some who cant even afford to have an education in the first place. Stop with the make up and clothing videos and maybe spend your time helping those who are less fortunate in life.
et cetera

et cetera . 1 hour ago

You don't deserve a platform. You took spots from deserving people and don't want to be held responsible. Use your fame to spread positivity and growth.
Jay Hong

Jay Hong . 1 hour ago

big boo

big boo . 2 hours ago

'A new report claims that Olivia Jade Giannulli knew about the college scam perpetrated by her parents, Lori Loughlin and fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, who allegedly paid $500,000 to the University of Southern California to have their daughters fraudulently admitted as recruits to the college's crew team. The popular influencer was reportedly “honest” with everyone – including her parents – about her disinterest in college from the start, a source told People. They also said that Olivia Jade would have “never gone along with it if she thought this would happen” and “blames her parents for everything.”All this has Olivia Jade “angry” with her parents, and the influencer is spending the majority of her time with her friends and boyfriend, model and musician Jackson Guthy. “She just wants to figure out how she can rebuild her brand,” the source told People.' - People Magazine December 5th 2019
John Doe

John Doe . 2 hours ago

who is she & why is she has that many views?

Noger . 2 hours ago

But like why the fuck would she be apologizing to u people tf
saoirse early

saoirse early . 2 hours ago

what happened isn’t completely your fault. people make mistakes and your human so obviously you would and every one watching this i’m sure has made a mistake in some point in time. so i want you to come back. your a youtuber who i always watched and enjoyed watching. people shouldn’t be hating on you for something that’s in the past and is being dealt with. ignore them because you made a mistake and it may of been one people don’t agree with but hey you win some and you loose some. so to conclude i say you should come back as there’s still people who want to watch your videos and still support you.
Ali Hoosein

Ali Hoosein . 2 hours ago

This video, the dislikes, and the hate comments show that your ‘Youtube Influencer’ career has definitely come to an abrupt end... bye again 🖐🏼
Anne Booms

Anne Booms . 2 hours ago

Girl your parents are facing 60 years and you’re sitting there making YouTube videos
Lisa laws

Lisa laws . 2 hours ago

You people are so pathetic. Yeah keep attacking someone when she SHOULD be moving on with her life.
Zev V

Zev V . 2 hours ago

Go back to hiding in ur cave!
Laura 99

Laura 99 . 2 hours ago

Wow why does people hate her so much? I mean is just because of the college situation? I don’t understand why would hate her like that in the comments... she is saying is hard for her to come back and you decide to not believe her and in a sort of punishment just talk shit like you are some authority figure that needs to find justice for what she did or some sort of saint lol also, I think we all know how social media affects us everyday, Olivia is not a special case I am sure that hearing only negative comments has hurt her a lot. Think about your actions
Natalie Garcia

Natalie Garcia . 2 hours ago

This video was so pathetic she said some “this is the best I can do” like girl the best you could do is stay your ass off the internet period🤣
Professor Bosshardt

Professor Bosshardt . 2 hours ago

No apology? Dafuq
Ahmed Mohmed

Ahmed Mohmed . 2 hours ago

Why EVERONE acting like they parents killed somebody. Every parents did something to their children. We aren't perfect. We love you. Keep your heads up

SoyPetTurtle . 2 hours ago

Why am I the only one that literally doesn't care how she got into school or if she pretended to be an athlete or whatever. I literally dont give a fuck or find it to be a big deal. Also if you wanna be pissed at someone be pissed at her parents, it definitely wasn't her idea.
Melania MoneyPenny

Melania MoneyPenny . 2 hours ago

You are a HORRIBLE role model for young people.
Robert Harriage

Robert Harriage . 2 hours ago

Shoulders are a little small for a rower

gauche_81 . 2 hours ago

What did she do?
Andrej Alavanja

Andrej Alavanja . 2 hours ago

She probably got arrested
Branden Vincent

Branden Vincent . 2 hours ago

Gotta love these so called "Influencers" Only thing you ever influenced was your mom's prison term. 🤣🤣🤣
Mikayla Jaber

Mikayla Jaber . 3 hours ago

i aint even mad. i think of all the strings your parents could pull, college makes the most sense, my parents would probably use fame and money for education too if they were able to. so many doctors pull strings and oh look all their kids are doctors or lawyers or other big shots. so many actors/models/celebrities pull strings and all of a sudden oh look their kids are famous and following in their parents line of work, not working hard for it at all. parents pull strings when they can and i think id rather see her mom trying to get her an education than to be some famous actress or something else that doesnt have as much worth to people.

duracellplus06 . 3 hours ago


JamesMitchell451 . 3 hours ago

Maybe Olivia is paying person whose spot she stole at usc to delete all the negative comments. Then maybe I’d be nicer

TheRealDeal . 3 hours ago


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