Cleetus McFarland

Cleetus McFarland

Published on 1 week ago

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Comments :

Cleetus McFarland

Cleetus McFarland . 1 week ago

What should we build a drive shaft out of next? My mullet?
Chace Elliott

Chace Elliott . 20 minutes ago

Use some stainless zip ties every couple of inches down the shaft to maybe help it hold together.
Mordecai Epsilon

Mordecai Epsilon . 2 hours ago

Get something with a really vertical grain, like make sure the grain hardly cuts across the length of the post.
ham c

ham c . 2 hours ago

Weld up a heavy duty garage door spring
Eevee Harr

Eevee Harr . 3 hours ago

Use harder wood 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Rusty Bottoms88

Rusty Bottoms88 . 4 hours ago

Cool experiment. For future reference, they do make round wooden fence post.
Brandon Mullen

Brandon Mullen . 4 hours ago

You guys should try the flex tape stuff, they made a roll cage with it.
Brandon Mullen

Brandon Mullen . 4 hours ago

You guys are freaking hilarious.

SugarBooty . 5 hours ago

Asking the real questions!

RESKILLIENCE . 6 hours ago

You just made a drivable lathe.
John Nickerson

John Nickerson . 11 hours ago

Try Iron wood,
B Jones

B Jones . 12 hours ago

use 2 2x4's with the crown of the wood towards each other and bolt them together.
k k

k k . 12 hours ago

Driveshaft out of something soft metal or ice
Hank Jr

Hank Jr . 14 hours ago

Try a concrete driveshaft reinforced with some rebar lol. 👍🏻
Air Canada 001

Air Canada 001 . 14 hours ago

In russia thats nothing thats very common in russia lol
Michael Forward

Michael Forward . 18 hours ago

Make one out of concrete but make sure it has reo bar in it for strength.... maybe even do one with bar and one without to compare? 🤷‍♂️
daniel brownell

daniel brownell . 20 hours ago

Do the same but keep it on the lift an a grinder nd let idle nd grind it to balance
Mike G

Mike G . 20 hours ago

Idea - I recently broke my hand and had a cast put on. The material forms perfectly as it is wrapped and it is amazingly strong. It may be expensive though, I don't know.

BIG MACINTOSH 0056 . 20 hours ago

Cover it with line-x bed liner That's stuff is super strong it can make an egg unbreakable so it should make the wooden driveshaft unbreakable

DimebaggDaniel . 23 hours ago

“You worked at All American Burger!”

swordsman51 . 1 day ago

Take 4 1x4s laminate them together then make them into a driveshaft
Austin Surber

Austin Surber . 1 day ago

Bolt 2x4stogether with a piece of metal in the middle!!
Stanz B

Stanz B . 1 day ago

A Lathe would've helped you out a bit.
Blaise Dobson

Blaise Dobson . 1 day ago

Your guys should try to make a turbocharger and put it on a car and see if it works or if it does how much pounds of boost
Ethan Moss

Ethan Moss . 1 day ago

You should try bamboo shoots, or like a really big piece of bamboo
Ébénisterie artisanale François St-Gelais

Ébénisterie artisanale François St-Gelais . 1 day ago

Try with the center part of the tree that is the strongest!!
Kenneth Baker

Kenneth Baker . 1 day ago

Try different type wood like oak and a good lathe.
Isaiah TD

Isaiah TD . 1 day ago

this reminds me of the Dukes of Hazzard Movie. 😂
james jines

james jines . 1 day ago

Go to a tractor supply and buy a fence post. It’s already round just get one that’s already the right size. Or use a friends wood turner to make your 4x4 round. No run out.
Marty Swartz

Marty Swartz . 1 day ago

You all did a great job of the nutty professors...😂😂😂😂
Hotty_ Pockets

Hotty_ Pockets . 1 day ago

make a driveshaft out of PVC pipe
Jacob Lanier

Jacob Lanier . 1 day ago

Use chains as a drive shaft
*Alex* V-i-P

*Alex* V-i-P . 1 day ago

I love that grey mustang
Watz Plays

Watz Plays . 1 day ago

try wood driveshaft but find someone with a lathe to get rid of as much run out and then you may have more success
Yankee Stone

Yankee Stone . 1 day ago

@ Cleetus McFarland how much down force does your mullet create ??
Braedon Miller

Braedon Miller . 1 day ago

No homo but garret be lookin like a snacc with them glasses on
Jaybop Murano

Jaybop Murano . 1 day ago

just sprays the poor man like a roach
blood moon

blood moon . 1 day ago

use a hardwood like oak instead of using maple lol

I'mRinoX . 1 day ago

Should've gone to a dealer and told them you had issues with vibration while driving and have them inspect it.
Jacob Condon

Jacob Condon . 1 day ago

If you are going to try it with wood again might want to try building it out of plywood and using multiple layers glued together and possibly bolted down the length of the shaft maybe try and alternate the grain of the plywood when doing that.
Ted Tries Tech

Ted Tries Tech . 1 day ago

you need to laminate plywood and take to a woodshop to have it turned to the exact size!
Nelson Alas

Nelson Alas . 1 day ago

Pressure treated wood?
routt ookc

routt ookc . 1 day ago

*Garage 54 has entered the chat
Elexa Bluejay

Elexa Bluejay . 2 days ago

Sorry. I had to be the 1k dislike. Can’t be having odd numbers around here
Ricky Hernandez

Ricky Hernandez . 2 days ago

comedy haha you should keep trying!! stronger wood better measurements?!
Bimmer Dude

Bimmer Dude . 2 days ago

please do a home depo fence pipe drive shaft!!
Toby Mathis

Toby Mathis . 2 days ago

I think yall should try it with a nice wet green 4x4. Should be a little stronger
Morgan Adair

Morgan Adair . 2 days ago

Apparently too much free time... put either iron wood or some extreme known strong in the lathe and turn it as well as put the remained shafts in lathe and true it all.... knotty wood versus clear wood yada yada

dionisis001 . 2 days ago

you should try screwing cylidrical pieces together to make a long cylinder and then do the same but with a hollow center so it looks like a tube to see if it's stronger.......
Eric Robert

Eric Robert . 2 days ago

PVC pipe with concrete and rebar on the inside

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