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「Tøxic_Gaz」 . 14 minutes ago

Jakagxkgaubisvdudvsn nOoOo that’s tOmmoROw
kate marinucci

kate marinucci . 1 hour ago

but thats my birthday :(
Sajjad Hussain

Sajjad Hussain . 3 hours ago

Diego Rios

Diego Rios . 4 hours ago

Sarah Dove

Sarah Dove . 5 hours ago

Why limited addition I can't afford it can you ever put it back on the market/your shop please

FrostyAnimations126 . 5 hours ago

sooooooooooooooo what will you do with extras?
Wilson’s World

Wilson’s World . 5 hours ago

I watched the end.. look at the date... I HAVE ONE DAY I PROBABLY CANT EVEN GET IT 😭😤😫
Christopher Michael

Christopher Michael . 5 hours ago

Aww, it figures I don't have money for the rest of the month. Budget planning... Need to do this better.

Glarfl . 6 hours ago

“will delete later” 6 D A Y S A G O

Artful . 8 hours ago

Lol can't afford one
Agent M

Agent M . 8 hours ago

Хм...Я единственная здесь русская

Supergamerbraydon . 14 hours ago

Is it for boys to

MelloTheMarsh . 17 hours ago

I wish I could get one but my parent's would kill me if I did ;w; (plus I'm in New Zealand so it probably would get lost or something lol) regardless, I love your videos!! 🙂
Kayley Davies

Kayley Davies . 20 hours ago

bro its still not deletteeedd

VvBlueDragonMastervV . 23 hours ago

Felt salty, might delete later.

Will . 23 hours ago

I want to congratulate you shgurr your officially the frist youtuber I've actually bought merch from cus damn i love the design of the salty hoodie
Caden Smith

Caden Smith . 1 day ago

Hey sugar what happened to you fnaf videos

Ur1 . 1 day ago

Shgurr: i Will delete this Me:spam the download Botton:>
Greg b

Greg b . 1 day ago

Pumpkin spice

Raddi . 1 day ago

My mom seen the hoodie and she was like, "ask your grandma to get it cause you're already edgy enough, she got it for meh UwU
River Meury

River Meury . 1 day ago

Shgurr I love your videos they've taught me I can't stay hidden from the world and that I have to have confidence to make life worth living but in a perfect world there will always be you thank you. I've watched your videos before but I stopped and came back to them and spent the past day watching them love your stuff keep on living your best life
Faze Pot

Faze Pot . 1 day ago

2 more days

D J . 1 day ago

Me: Hey mom can I get this hoodie? Mom: Sure *a few days later* Me: Hey mom did you order the hoodie yet? Mom: Uh, no not yet, but I will soon Legend has it that I'm still waiting for this hoodie to this day.... WHY would you do this to me mom!? ;-;
Masked Ambassador

Masked Ambassador . 1 day ago

Arek Senji

Arek Senji . 1 day ago

Koren Sovich

Koren Sovich . 1 day ago

probity gonna be same for me
Alyssa half_boy

Alyssa half_boy . 2 days ago

I think my mom wont let me buy this.althouh i want this

Kateapopstars . 2 days ago

I want it so bad but im a fatty that needs a 2XL at least and i like bigger hoodies why cruel woorlldd ;n;
53000 animations

53000 animations . 2 days ago

I was wondering who that one YouTuber in Sr Pelo story Time animation was the salty shouts one Dunno where he got that frkm

ItsMeTitan . 2 days ago

Stupid card. Apparently I can't purchase a hoodie because I can't use the card "internationally"
Ava Fontenot

Ava Fontenot . 2 days ago

Just ordered 1, super excited!!!!!!!!! Can't wait, I've been watching your content for years!!!!!!!!!!!
Gabrielle Tillman

Gabrielle Tillman . 2 days ago

im broke
Chilled Snowflake

Chilled Snowflake . 2 days ago

It's been 5 days bye bye video

Jevil . 2 days ago

When I saw your profile picture *I feel like theres another one but a boy and hes russian*
gacha_pasta _killer

gacha_pasta _killer . 2 days ago

Yes pls!!!
lil Sophie

lil Sophie . 2 days ago

Oml November 15 is my birthday
Cosmic Calla

Cosmic Calla . 2 days ago

Just bought one! Thanks for being such a huge inspiration to me throughout the years :)
Maxie The Octo

Maxie The Octo . 2 days ago

3 days later no big deal
Jerad Isa

Jerad Isa . 2 days ago

Says will delete later... It's been 4 days shgurr... 4 DAYSSSS
Ellie :D

Ellie :D . 2 days ago

She never deleted it
bautista muñoz salvini

bautista muñoz salvini . 2 days ago

UGANDA UGANDA UGANDA Like if you must find da wae
Jakob Ideraabdullah

Jakob Ideraabdullah . 2 days ago

no one cares
nele pipien

nele pipien . 2 days ago

Its almost my b-day so tnx mom
Layna Ava

Layna Ava . 2 days ago

Hi I forgot about you so long ago when I stop watching you I started to watch you like four years ago on your first video and my favorite one of your videos was just gold five nights at Freddy‘s video and I haven’t watched you since that video came out so thank you for making me in love with that song
Untold Husky

Untold Husky . 2 days ago

I bought one
Mr TopBox

Mr TopBox . 2 days ago

It’s been four days
Fiammetta Camattari

Fiammetta Camattari . 2 days ago

You are worth it
The Punisher

The Punisher . 3 days ago

November 15th What sorcery is this
james the killer

james the killer . 3 days ago

Damn if I have a money to buy one

Windy . 3 days ago

download the video

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