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James Bond 007

James Bond 007

Published on 4 days ago

Bond is back. The first trailer for NO TIME TO DIE arrives this Wednesday.

Comments :

Adam Dominguez

Adam Dominguez . 3 hours ago

where is trevelyan
Chong Chapman

Chong Chapman . 5 hours ago

No time for the rocks....
Spagbowls & parma cheese

Spagbowls & parma cheese . 8 hours ago

No time to WOKE..
Ptao Tom

Ptao Tom . 9 hours ago

007: The Day to Die, coming never.

G G . 13 hours ago

Better not be boring like Spectre
Kim Kaiser

Kim Kaiser . 14 hours ago

i have a bad feeling this will be my last bond film... they are incorporating all these negros, and its just not going to be the same,,, i have no interest in seeing another film or iconic idea being poached by the PC crowd,,,
Mj Jones

Mj Jones . 14 hours ago

Charlies angels with James Bond BIG DEAL I’m not Impressed πŸ‘ŽπŸ»

HeyCrabman14 . 15 hours ago

We're going to announce trailers now? It LITERALLY took me longer to write this comment then the video! πŸ˜–
Wes McGee

Wes McGee . 21 hours ago

I think Sean Connery is calmly drinking a Scots whiskey whilst watching, saying aloud, " you're good kid. But as long as I'm around, you're second best".
Emily An

Emily An . 22 hours ago

I misread the title as No Time to Diet and I was like "damn straight"
Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith . 23 hours ago

music man

music man . 24 hours ago

"arrre, I see your a oo agent? What's your code? Oh James, it 00 Mary Sue!"
I-IA/\/\ N

I-IA/\/\ N . 1 day ago

Full trailer released. 100% sure now 007 is in fact a woman. I will never watch bond again.
Taha Ejaz

Taha Ejaz . 1 day ago

To sum up Craig's Bond movies:- 1) Casino Royale: Great. 2) Quantum of Solace: the opposite of great. 3) Skyfall: little bit great. 4) Spectre: greater than Quantum of Solace but not greater than Skyfall. 5) No Time To Die: No time to say great.
Young Vac

Young Vac . 1 day ago

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Teresa Sobrino

Teresa Sobrino . 1 day ago

El mejor Daniel G.Sexy super varonil cuerpazo super actor
D255 TV

D255 TV . 1 day ago

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Leonel Quintanilla

Leonel Quintanilla . 1 day ago

The name is bundy,al bundy,
Gerry Maloney

Gerry Maloney . 1 day ago

Its all good for now but once they bring in FEMALE 007 this series is FUCKIN OVER !

Π ΠΎΠ·Π°Ρ€ΠΈΠΎ Агро . 1 day ago

James bond is still a white man! Very good news!

johnulcer . 1 day ago

Uploaded 3 days ago. Those sneaky bastards.
Ask to seduce Miss

Ask to seduce Miss . 1 day ago

This is Daniel Craig's last movie as Bond. I'm going to miss him. He did an excellent job with the series. Let's just hope that they don't try to tinker with the format after he leav
The Horrible Gamer

The Horrible Gamer . 1 day ago

Legit thought it said no time to diet.
Geki I Zenon Xenowing

Geki I Zenon Xenowing . 1 day ago

What will be the fate of James Bond-007 after No Time To Die? Will the next Bond film after No Time To Die be a continuation of Daniel Craig's Bond movies, a continuation of Pierce Brosnan's Bond movies or a second reboot?
David King

David King . 1 day ago

The Knave

The Knave . 1 day ago

I sense a great disturbance in The Force.
Richard Scales

Richard Scales . 1 day ago

Ghostbusters 216 and now this....
john dillinger

john dillinger . 1 day ago

The bad guy is a fag? Lame.

BeNosey.com . 1 day ago

I blinked and I missed it, was the trailer any good?
Tiffania Porchiazzo

Tiffania Porchiazzo . 1 day ago

β™₯️JAMES BOND IS COMING BACK IN 2020 !β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯οΈπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Paul Basilio

Paul Basilio . 1 day ago

Looks awesome
fouoii gyhh

fouoii gyhh . 1 day ago

This is Daniel Craig's last movie as Bond. I'm going to miss him. He did an excellent job with the series. Let's just hope that they don't try to tinker with the format after he leav
Victoria Perkovic

Victoria Perkovic . 1 day ago

The name??
Adi Adrian

Adi Adrian . 2 days ago

Damn, this is Iron Man all over again

G R . 2 days ago

the attempted death of INDIVIDUALITY and FREE THOUGHT is staring you all in the face. Carver is trying to take CONTROL of it. so you all want to be ubiquitous boring cyborgs .....thru bombardment of the media format you all are being brainwashed and they are using the feminist movement to subjugate the men of this world so that the elitist underground can easily overtake humanity, ha ha haaaa......you are doooommed, corporate communism is looming.
Mr B

Mr B . 2 days ago

Hope it’s action packed, not propaganda packed.

JUSTIN . 2 days ago

Bond vs Mr. Robot

Kwistenbiebel200 . 2 days ago

Isn't this the one that the SJW's have captured and turned into feminist lamenting? Men bad, women good situation and all that?
Donatella Longo

Donatella Longo . 2 days ago

Non vedo l'ora di vederlo !!
cynthia rouse

cynthia rouse . 2 days ago

Hannah Murphy

Hannah Murphy . 2 days ago

What a lad
Tan kok tim

Tan kok tim . 2 days ago

Live to Die.......Life equals Death.... 007 lives.
PC Principal

PC Principal . 2 days ago

Best Wednesday of 2019
Midhun #007

Midhun #007 . 2 days ago

😎///``` 2020: No Time To Die. 2030: Kill Me or Die. 2040: Still Can't Kill Me. 2050: Dead! Seriously Dead 😎///``
sang hun yoon

sang hun yoon . 2 days ago

universal movie
Global Trading

Global Trading . 2 days ago

Far too much 'dying' we all want to live!
TriggerHappy strange

TriggerHappy strange . 2 days ago

Excited as big Bond Fanboy since was kid! Was going to be origanally Double or Nothing too..

Pete . 2 days ago

Well, I’m just not ready for Mr. Craig to stop being Bond...
roy millson

roy millson . 2 days ago

Rock girl

Rock girl . 2 days ago

This is Daniel Craig's last movie as Bond. I'm going to miss him. He did an excellent job with the series. Let's just hope that they don't try to tinker with the format after he leav

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