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Traveling to the Happiest Country in the World!!
Yes Theory

Yes Theory

Published on 5 days ago

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What country do you think is the happiest in the world? Well, after hearing from many traveler friends that it might be this small country... I had to go see it for myself. I am personally on a mission to understand the basic parameters of joy and happiness so going on a trip like this was a dream come true...

Where should we travel to next?

Thank you to Bhutan peaceful tours for hosting me

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Comments :

Yes Theory

Yes Theory . 5 days ago

Thanks for watching! Despite what you might see in the video, Bhutan was actually quite challenging for me to travel to. The trip was planned very last minute so I didn't have time to do much research, I was still jet-lagged from the 14-hr time difference and the elevation was having weird effects on my headspace. But I pushed through even though filming alone in these conditions makes it so much harder to bring positive energy into it. Sitting down with the ex-Prime Minister and hiking to Tiger's Nest completely changed everything in the end however. I'm on a bit of a personal journey of understanding what the fundamental parameters of joy truly are, so going on a trip like this had quite of a profound effect on me in the end. Hope you got something out of it and looking forward to capturing more of the world's beauty. - Thomas
Joseph Jackson

Joseph Jackson . 3 minutes ago

I’m always so happy when Yes Theory upload a video, each video gets stronger every time it’s truly amazing!
Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar . 8 minutes ago

Bhutan is truly the happiest and most peaceful place, all the love and respect from your brother India 🇮🇳
Dev Patil

Dev Patil . 10 minutes ago

I am thinking about the quality of weed they have
Carlo Rodriguez

Carlo Rodriguez . 17 minutes ago

this one tugged on the heartstrings 💖💖💖

_Cammmi__ . 20 minutes ago

I don’t get how you guys weren’t on YouTube rewind?!? Like what
Aniket Rudraksha

Aniket Rudraksha . 35 minutes ago

Damn that's the coolest and nicest president that I've ever seen. Only if all politicians were this way then the world would be a so much better place
Sunil K.

Sunil K. . 44 minutes ago

I went to Bhutan this year and people are amazing. And yes, they sure love their leaders and their king. Everyone had their pictures in home, offices and shops. Out of love, not out of fear.
Bridge Gate

Bridge Gate . 47 minutes ago

Why don’t you come to experience the Aral Sea problem in Central Asia. Social Platform stars have strong impact, with your help more people would be aware about disappearing of the 4th largest lake in land.
Rohith K Viswanath

Rohith K Viswanath . 1 hour ago

Bhutan: I'm the happiest country India: Hold my beer... I'm goin home...
mohan aryal

mohan aryal . 1 hour ago

But Bhutan deported 100,000 Nepalese residents living there.

KeiAsian . 1 hour ago

The solution to end School Shooting is drawing dicks on walls of your school!!

SkippingLegs . 2 hours ago

This is like that Far Cry 4 game.
l Dognald l

l Dognald l . 2 hours ago

The like to dislike ratio tho😳

ItzNaeemChakera . 2 hours ago

Come To KENYA!!! You can have a stay at Tsavo and have an amazing Safari!
personal videos

personal videos . 2 hours ago

CHECK YOUR FACTS IF YOU WANT TRUSTWORTHY AND DEDICATED FOLLOWERS Should google World Happiness Index . You will find... BHUTAN IS THE 94th HAPPIEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD I believe its your responsibility to provide correct information
Gopi Pradhan

Gopi Pradhan . 2 hours ago

please google
Xavir Co

Xavir Co . 3 hours ago

Ok so there is this guy who made a video that Challenges you guys to cross Iceland with you guys! Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKLmCu01iJI Like so they can see
alisuo toko

alisuo toko . 3 hours ago

"Happies country on earth" Finland: Hold my beer!
Saish Sawant

Saish Sawant . 3 hours ago

Come to Goa , India ... Its has awesome new year party!!

MUSIC LOVER FAN . 3 hours ago

New here guix 😂❤ from philippines
neha khatri

neha khatri . 3 hours ago

I just had breakup feeling worst phase of my life can you make me feel the luckiest girl for one day!

SyneBurn . 4 hours ago

Follow my Instagram prince_behindthebar . Alot of these are on the list.
Samy Devito

Samy Devito . 4 hours ago

The bois should do an adventure to the lost city in Colombia it’s basically 4 days of walking to a lost city in the middle of the jungle
David Peden

David Peden . 4 hours ago

I am deeply moved by this. Thank you!
Tanuj Bhatt

Tanuj Bhatt . 4 hours ago

Yes theory come visit nepal too!!!
Tv4 Thai

Tv4 Thai . 4 hours ago

Wow! So beautiful awesome place it's my place list now. I like to travel. Thank you.
Sameeha Bhayat

Sameeha Bhayat . 4 hours ago

You guys need to come to south Africa 😂😍
Steven Yang

Steven Yang . 4 hours ago

Hi Yes Theory! I love your YouTube channel and I always watch your interesting videos. I'm a new YouTuber talking about personal finance and investing. My goal is to reach 1k subscribers by the end of the year and I need reaching my goal. So if anyone that is interested in personal finance and investing. Please subscribe to my channel! I have some new content coming up soon! :)
Lonesome Kiddo

Lonesome Kiddo . 5 hours ago

I get goosebumps the whole time watching this video. It's so beautiful!

Bruhazzz . 5 hours ago

When you said happiest I was thinking of Tuvalu
Elizabeth Regnes

Elizabeth Regnes . 5 hours ago

I think this is the first place I'll ever travel to when I'm older. This looks amazing and their livelihood/culture is so inspiring.

jhesskeeptraveling . 5 hours ago

Yes the phallus obsession in Bhutan. First saw this on Parts Unknown from the late Anthony Bourdain.
Jonathan Her

Jonathan Her . 6 hours ago

Big Schlong = BIg Happiness lolol
Joshua Calland

Joshua Calland . 6 hours ago

Half expected it to be canada
lily f

lily f . 6 hours ago

bet no one ever got rejected there
Bambii sips and spits

Bambii sips and spits . 6 hours ago

People can breathe easier that’s why

Kim . 6 hours ago

Cade Cesmat

Cade Cesmat . 7 hours ago

Hey Yes Theory, I just want to say I love your stuff. I have been following you guys since the beginning and have loved every part of it. Though something has been troubling me for the past few months, I understand it is a company and the larger you get the bigger stuff you guys can do. With that being said, I miss the small local interactions of seeking discomfort with people. Whether it was asking people to call there crush, or going sky diving with strangers, or even skinny dipping with random people. That's where I feel the heart of Yes Theory began. I think where you guys are is incredible!, but I only ask for you guys to revisit your past, and still do the small seeking discomfort interactions. Cheers guys!, PS: don't forget about Derin!
Top 10 vedio’s in the world ToP10

Top 10 vedio’s in the world ToP10 . 7 hours ago

Laura Sanchez

Laura Sanchez . 7 hours ago

Well the reason Bhutan is carbon neutral is because it's a country with lots of trees and not very many inhabitants. If you compare Bhutan to the Netherlands (they are about the same size), the Netherlands has 17 million inhabitants, while Bhutan only has 800 thousand. They just have a lot more space for forrests and trees etc. Especially with immigrants coming in left and right, western countries will never be carbon neutral no matter what. Now don't get me started on Suriname, because that country is even bigger than the Netherlands and only has 500 thousand inhabitants...
Ye- es

Ye- es . 7 hours ago

Now this is my dream place 😂

Iridious . 8 hours ago

Im ready for that app
Daniela Grajales

Daniela Grajales . 9 hours ago

What kind of human being dislike a Yes Theory video. This is the best channel in Youtube, so possitive and genuine. OBSESSED!
Jan Liva

Jan Liva . 9 hours ago

I always thought Denmark was the happiest country! :0
Jeremiah Fitchett

Jeremiah Fitchett . 9 hours ago

Hi guys i have a problem i got a windbreaker off of the website and obviously it came with a free necklace and after 1 day if wearing it the necklace had broken Id like some help as i was looking forward to having it as you guys have been a big part in my life
dutcha mana

dutcha mana . 9 hours ago

That man who talked about buthan was so good, hes right about everything
dutcha mana

dutcha mana . 9 hours ago

That man who talked about buthan was so good, hes right about everything
Cheesecake Nakamura

Cheesecake Nakamura . 9 hours ago

Bhutan has no right to call themselves like that. Happiest people in the world lives in COSTA RICA... just google it boy
Mathieu Harvey

Mathieu Harvey . 10 hours ago

Bro, i wasn't subscribed. I'm officially out of the 50%. Thank god. Ok, going to buy a t-shirt now.

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