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Last to Stop Swinging Wins $1,000,000 - Challenge


Published on 6 days ago

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Comments :


MrBeast . 5 days ago

WATCH THIS FIRST EPISODE HERE (watch the entire thing) https://youtu.be/tQ4m4zD7BBA
Allanjay Holsteins

Allanjay Holsteins . 15 minutes ago

Did you really comment on Slogomans Vid saying Who loves Slogoman 👇🏻❤️
ant is awesome

ant is awesome . 30 minutes ago

Skinny dehydrated white boys for the win
Amanda Tanu

Amanda Tanu . 45 minutes ago

i really want troy to win but payton hits different🥵😂
Lucifer Games

Lucifer Games . 48 minutes ago

These challenges are always so entertaining lmao
Alexei Markov

Alexei Markov . 54 minutes ago

Lol wtf did you do this game fun only with your friends
Kevin Flores

Kevin Flores . 1 hour ago

That foo that won must be on sommee good twack how this foo swing for hours and keep a smile on his face the whole way im lmfao

Amircoolies . 1 hour ago

Congratulations ur awake Hahahahahaha
Lipok Yanger

Lipok Yanger . 1 hour ago

Omar's sister is cute tho
Karina Garcia

Karina Garcia . 1 hour ago

So fuck off
hip hop central

hip hop central . 1 hour ago

Remember when mr beast did all the challenges
stephene velez

stephene velez . 2 hours ago

It's good to have a lots of money, i wish i can have just 500k dollars this Christmas, to give joy to my family and friends
Mason Johanneson

Mason Johanneson . 2 hours ago

Mr. Beast please do a challenge of the last to leave a haunted place!!! That would be super funny!
Kyle Lee

Kyle Lee . 2 hours ago

Wish i could join one of these challenges could use the money right now.
The Naughty Nerd

The Naughty Nerd . 2 hours ago

What The Fuck Is Shaquille Oneil Doing Here !?

Andorezu . 2 hours ago

me: i want akira to win so he and his family would have better lives me: i want omar to win so troy and his family would have better lives me now: fuc-
Daniel Gagnon

Daniel Gagnon . 2 hours ago

Just a couple of lost?

JustArcher . 2 hours ago

yooo they were over there playing smash !
Ashley Singh

Ashley Singh . 2 hours ago

Brittany Udontneedtoknow

Brittany Udontneedtoknow . 3 hours ago

Omar’s gotta win so my man Troy gets his 20k!

Click . 3 hours ago

Omar is great if he follows through with giving him 20k. The guy needs it for medical bills I bet
The Oreo

The Oreo . 3 hours ago

When you’re a minor and wanna try to win a mil. ;-;
Mason Mason

Mason Mason . 3 hours ago

I've been watching u form 10am to 1:04pm
Matthew Rivera

Matthew Rivera . 3 hours ago

I’ll move to that swing for that million
Matthew Rivera

Matthew Rivera . 3 hours ago

Yo wtf
Brinkley Seay

Brinkley Seay . 4 hours ago

I love your videos and all of you are funny❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cohen Barker

Cohen Barker . 4 hours ago

Omar is the biggest try hard
Dominique Peterson

Dominique Peterson . 4 hours ago

i want to be in a challenge it looks dope and i also want to know how you guys dont pee your pants during that long time
Jacob Layfield

Jacob Layfield . 4 hours ago

Hey, MrBeast, if I get out of bed, can I get $1,000?
Kevin Wimpey

Kevin Wimpey . 4 hours ago

Mr beast can you do last to use the bathroom wins
Dimitra Kolovos

Dimitra Kolovos . 4 hours ago

can i be in one of ur challenges - im challenging u guys
cat boy

cat boy . 4 hours ago

All the people acting all high and mighty saying omar should have let troy won. Lemme ask you a question: would you let troy win if you were in the competition.....no huh...weirrrrrrrd.
Alduin the World Eater

Alduin the World Eater . 4 hours ago

Thank you MrBeast because if you I save 10$ on my BestBuy purchase
Not A Pro64

Not A Pro64 . 4 hours ago

No One: Nick: My *legs*
Benhenbren 42

Benhenbren 42 . 4 hours ago

Troy: “My father...” Omar: “YA YEET”
K Trollz

K Trollz . 5 hours ago

Drug test the winner asp
Fall Create

Fall Create . 5 hours ago

Who's funding this???
THE River Ross

THE River Ross . 5 hours ago

Billionare Supreme

Billionare Supreme . 5 hours ago

Omar’s sister kinda cute ngl 👀🥵🤪😍😂
Diego Perez

Diego Perez . 5 hours ago

Why did he get out. His mom even courage him🎆🎇✨🎆🎇✨. Man, he almost cried. I'm sad. Why did he get out.😭😭😢😢😟

FrozSucksAtGames . 5 hours ago

So who was playing King. K. Rool?
Marina GuardadoReed

Marina GuardadoReed . 5 hours ago

2019: last to leave the swing 2035: First to arrive at the moon
Tae Double J animator

Tae Double J animator . 5 hours ago

Marcus needs a win. Feel bad for the dude. Taking a L must hurt.
robert mulcahy-the rooster

robert mulcahy-the rooster . 5 hours ago

Mi Memes

Mi Memes . 5 hours ago

Please let Troy join the group
Kawaii Chicken Nugget

Kawaii Chicken Nugget . 5 hours ago

This was uploaded a day after my bday
DASOD&Shailey Gachas and artists UwU

DASOD&Shailey Gachas and artists UwU . 6 hours ago

If only if i could be there- i would've win, i've been on a swing in for 5 hours. * shudders * Although these people are so much better than me-
Milena Srbova

Milena Srbova . 6 hours ago

*calls mom* it's enuf to make a grown man cry, and that's ok
Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki . 6 hours ago

So how's the bathroom life treating them? Lol
Erika Ivanov

Erika Ivanov . 6 hours ago

Subscribe to mr.beast to make sure he can afford this

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