Phoenix Birdcage

Phoenix Birdcage

Published on 8 years ago


Headphones Tutorial:
Shades Glasses Tutorial:

Video Editor: Windows Live Movie Maker
Pictures/Photos Editor: PhotoImpact X3

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Comments :

black Phoenix boi

black Phoenix boi . 3 years ago

do you know that phoenix is my name
Mindy Mullison

Mindy Mullison . 4 years ago

umm can u show us how to make it!!!!!
damon thomas

damon thomas . 5 years ago

Why did you not show us how to make it😢
Ari Carlson

Ari Carlson . 5 years ago

wellll this is dumb.......-_- %0 score%0 this vid will no longer be watched
lps sparkle kid

lps sparkle kid . 5 years ago

Lol I made the necklace without the totorial
Cailan M.

Cailan M. . 5 years ago

Cant wait this is super cool
Sara Santiago De Monero

Sara Santiago De Monero . 5 years ago

That was a wast of time 👎

FandomLPS . 6 years ago

For everyone who's asking she said turtorial "preview" :P

TTRlpsTV . 6 years ago

Cool, but HOW to do it XD?

splatkitty . 6 years ago

wow not help
Jordyn G

Jordyn G . 6 years ago

Hey,you followed me on twitter JordynLps LpsFurevs and JordynG <3
Van Le

Van Le . 7 years ago

You can make a headphone by getting the London Lps with the Blythe. Just cut off the string. But your way looks better.

kamigoesviral . 7 years ago

I have that dog lps
Lps. Neko.

Lps. Neko. . 7 years ago

Ok :)
Lps. Neko.

Lps. Neko. . 7 years ago

How did you make the collar? :o

lpsandcraft . 7 years ago

K awsome thank you

lpsandcraft . 7 years ago

Hey can u make how to put lps eyliner i reeeeeaaalllly want to know

EMMA . 7 years ago

Ah! Love the pics! Great quality. :P

FunAg . 7 years ago


WeAreSquishies . 7 years ago

I found the headphones but i cant find the glasses may you send the video to me?

WeAreSquishies . 7 years ago

Is this out yet?! :D :D
Abby Prinie

Abby Prinie . 7 years ago

Can you make a tutorial for making lps sport things?

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