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50 Sticks of Deodorant Melted Into One!
The King of Random

The King of Random

Published on 5 days ago

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Today we're taking 50 different sticks of deodorant, emptying them out, and melting them down. Once they're melted, we'll see if we can cast them into something giant.

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Comments :


TKnowledge . 1 hour ago

Why are you shopping for deodorant at the Soup Store?!
Alejandro Cc

Alejandro Cc . 3 hours ago

i am hungry
Dark Rose

Dark Rose . 3 hours ago

Nate:its melts nicely Cassie: oh I didn't know it was water resistiant Cassie: I can't wash it off!

AZ_STREET_WALKER . 3 hours ago

I’m kinda sad they didn’t us dry ice to try to hyper freeze the mold to see what happened
Jace Corbet

Jace Corbet . 4 hours ago

Somebody answer, are they dating
Razor. Major Gamer

Razor. Major Gamer . 4 hours ago

Dash lane you mean the one that’s been sending a virus to all my pcs for the last 3 years of my life?
Isaac Teamann

Isaac Teamann . 5 hours ago

0:44 clean ur goddamn nails
Bannana Toast

Bannana Toast . 5 hours ago

When they melted that clearish green one I wanted to eat it and I thought it would taste like green apple

Tornadogamer123 . 6 hours ago

The drill was 200 IQ
Safeen Rash

Safeen Rash . 6 hours ago

I don’t know why but I feel like I can smell the deodorant

GamingWithZoe . 6 hours ago

Nate: Is hitting deodorant with fire Callie: *talking about her hands and not what’s happening on screen* I had no idea it was this water resistant! That juxtaposition though 😂
Landen Wall

Landen Wall . 6 hours ago

Make a giant otter pop please

My_Names_Yeet . 6 hours ago

Looks tasty
Michael Roesurprenat

Michael Roesurprenat . 6 hours ago

Hi! Weird question but how much would you say you spend on a video on average
Eggs Benidict

Eggs Benidict . 6 hours ago

No axe...

HavocGaming . 6 hours ago

Cali: hopefully you don't aply it like that Nate: Step 1 smash deodorant between hands step 2 aply deodorant to pits step 3 enjoy perfectly scented hands and pits.
Cameron Thomas

Cameron Thomas . 6 hours ago

You should try to make your own labor lens or a cloak
Dr. Robotics

Dr. Robotics . 7 hours ago

Nobody: Me at 3 am:
Brayden Rampey

Brayden Rampey . 7 hours ago

Make it slime

midget_riders69 . 7 hours ago

Her: I wanna smoosh it Him: why? Her: cuz I WANNA
Viko Viko

Viko Viko . 7 hours ago

Her: You are the first for me Also her: 6:29
Blaine Chambers

Blaine Chambers . 8 hours ago

Are y’all the people we see on math word problems
James Skelator Games

James Skelator Games . 8 hours ago

1:39 Genius
OofImDeadInside :/

OofImDeadInside :/ . 8 hours ago

You guys are those people from the math problems who buy like 5000 of everything
Jack Hatch

Jack Hatch . 8 hours ago

Video Idea: Dry Ice vs. Vinegar
DuckMySick 2016

DuckMySick 2016 . 9 hours ago

why does youtube keep moving the comments
Lizzie S

Lizzie S . 9 hours ago

Am I the only one who didnt realize it melted cuz they use spray deodorant

Slowlapse . 9 hours ago

Vorteil, dass man nicht gegen echte Spieler spielt: Man kann den Flugmodus anschalten, um keine Werbung mehr zu bekommen.

CastroInk . 10 hours ago

You guys are gonna smell great for weeks
Edward Drost

Edward Drost . 10 hours ago

The stick size difference is probably due to men's pits are larger for muscle attachments, and most, not all, women shave their armpits.  As for the smell difference, men and women have different sense of smell and preferences.  What you might like for a men's deodorant, I might think smells like the urine pool at the bottom of a cow manure pile.

AᒪE᙭ツ . 10 hours ago

Ligma_Enhancer 69

Ligma_Enhancer 69 . 10 hours ago

was waiting for u guys to punch it

Bearrito . 11 hours ago

Lightning Sam

Lightning Sam . 12 hours ago

he should have used the foot mold
Twelvegage689 Gage

Twelvegage689 Gage . 12 hours ago

You guys should try to melt candle wax then go and mold it
Twelvegage689 Gage

Twelvegage689 Gage . 12 hours ago

I would love to be with you guys in one of these videos it’s really funny but then I learn off of it keep up the hard work.👌🏻 merry Christmas🎁 🎄
Ender Kisera

Ender Kisera . 13 hours ago

*In the background you can hear the echos of Remus 'Rat Man' Sander's rumbling Stomach* If you understand this reference you are amazing
Phantom - Agario

Phantom - Agario . 16 hours ago

Cali: "I guess we don't smell as bad" Proven research of the human body between men and women: hold my beer...
Eugene Lawlor

Eugene Lawlor . 16 hours ago

Weeb deterrent
Key Man

Key Man . 17 hours ago

10:08 nightmare fuel xD
The Amazing

The Amazing . 18 hours ago

*Lets Melt Deodorant* *Oh,Its Water Ressistant*
Saafquat Al Sameer

Saafquat Al Sameer . 18 hours ago

Nobody: Literally no one: Me at 3 am:50 StICks oF dEoDErAnT mELtEd InTO OnE
Spare Time

Spare Time . 20 hours ago

The most satisfying part is that the video is EXACTLY 11 minutes
Rick M. Wumbo

Rick M. Wumbo . 21 hours ago

They must compression mold it at the factory to get it hard like it was.
Eric Bennett

Eric Bennett . 22 hours ago

is that joes face
Monique Morcos

Monique Morcos . 23 hours ago

Marvel has the red skull and TKOR has green skull
heyheygamer232 heyheygamer232

heyheygamer232 heyheygamer232 . 23 hours ago

*forbidden Fruit from SS starts playing*

CHIPSY_DOG RULES . 24 hours ago

Ok will someone tell me y callie looks sooo much like black widow

strayfix . 24 hours ago

can you make a deodorant candle and how

Putinde . 24 hours ago

What are u guys even doing smh🤦🏾‍♂️

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