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I am so sorry about this
Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds

Published on 1 week ago

#Movember #AviationGin

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Marshmallow Boy

Marshmallow Boy . 2 hours ago

I have Adblock

DirtyDigger . 6 hours ago

KG Productions

KG Productions . 6 hours ago

Big brands: we really gotta strategically plan our ads and content out, we’ve put a lot of money in these ads, let’s post them on social media and wait for all them views 😃 *Don’t get much engagement or attention* Ryan Reynolds: “ha I had a really funny dream which could be a good ad, lets film it and post it on my channel” *Gets on trending and people replaying an ad for gin* 😂
Brandon Narace

Brandon Narace . 6 hours ago

I'm crying😂😭
My dick is small but ,

My dick is small but , . 6 hours ago

yaliso gioouy

yaliso gioouy . 9 hours ago

This was an ad... I watched the whole thing and actually liked it, but it was an ad?! GG YouTube.

Nova . 9 hours ago

Hey DC, pay attention.... that's how you remove a moustache flawlessly. 👍
Alex YeeHarr

Alex YeeHarr . 10 hours ago

YouTube Ad Team: “How else we gonna get another Ad in17 seconds? Ryan Reynolds: “Say no more”

Tattoobob . 10 hours ago

Thanks for the box of GIN Ryan last year for my Birthday
Victoria Jacks

Victoria Jacks . 11 hours ago

samar khan

samar khan . 12 hours ago

Ha ha ha
Eli Feliciano

Eli Feliciano . 13 hours ago

Yo he got this idea after making a joke about Superman’s CGI mustache lol
Deyon Elroy

Deyon Elroy . 14 hours ago

🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰 https://youtu.be/G8_33KSEz3k ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️
Mr. Myxzptlyk

Mr. Myxzptlyk . 15 hours ago

Benz Not in faze

Benz Not in faze . 16 hours ago

Imagine adding ads to a ad

Indistree . 16 hours ago

This dude is a sneek diss maestro!!!!! I love it!
Timothy Apollo

Timothy Apollo . 17 hours ago

It’s Ryan😊

sankek . 18 hours ago

what he said? im russian.
The Special man

The Special man . 18 hours ago

First Deadpool movie was more realistic than the second one...
Zach B

Zach B . 21 hours ago

No thanks, I'll stick with scotch
P Bau

P Bau . 21 hours ago

Phawk! Asked to take a survey, decline tik tok(chinese spy app btw), and then watch an add- just to watch this add.
Symphonia The GachaTuber

Symphonia The GachaTuber . 22 hours ago

Juan Pablo Munoz

Juan Pablo Munoz . 22 hours ago

Thanks special agent pickachu!
Clee Jackson

Clee Jackson . 23 hours ago

Oh my goodness! I was not expecting this funny stuff! Mustache or no mustache? That is the question.😏
1000 subscribers with a video

1000 subscribers with a video . 1 day ago

Very cool Ryan. Thank you for this
foopyu nooui

foopyu nooui . 1 day ago

Ryan Reynolds is a quality shitposter
Ima31banana TWITCH

Ima31banana TWITCH . 1 day ago

Great advertisement
michael mitchell

michael mitchell . 1 day ago

I hate him so much. Like, cancer hate him.
Purple Brain

Purple Brain . 1 day ago

That's a SUPER good ad for such a smooth gin, MAN.
king bloody

king bloody . 1 day ago

*😂DEAD POOL FUNNY SCENES* https://youtu.be/ShgIV4AQjtM
Rake Steele

Rake Steele . 1 day ago

YouTube Trending is fucking AIDS.
Shade's Insane Chamber

Shade's Insane Chamber . 1 day ago

Well... time for Porn.
Roxaz Xeron

Roxaz Xeron . 1 day ago

I wonder if he reads these comments, they are great.
Matthias Scheer

Matthias Scheer . 1 day ago

I don’t think he’s sorry
LifeOf Yasmin

LifeOf Yasmin . 1 day ago

I still have a question why did my friend Riley fusilero get into deleted scenes
Apsis Motion Pictures

Apsis Motion Pictures . 1 day ago

That's.... pretty clever.
Liam Welsh

Liam Welsh . 1 day ago

Super man?
your dad

your dad . 1 day ago

Henry Cavill is shook
Nathan M.

Nathan M. . 1 day ago

Stupid Flanders. Epstein didn't kill himself

Pontiakos . 1 day ago

Ryan Reynolds should have over 100 million YouTube subscribers fuck pewdpie or whatever.
Dilşad Güzel

Dilşad Güzel . 1 day ago

I thought he was gonna apologize for the mustache.

redhotbowieboy . 1 day ago

Ken Hasibar

Ken Hasibar . 2 days ago

Next time you're in Portland, look me up. I'll go drink some Aviation Gin with you. The distillery is just down the hill from me. It makes a smoooove martini. 🍸
i am snakee

i am snakee . 2 days ago

Um ok Ryan

Magenta . 2 days ago

that is such a nice cup... i love Target

D3ath8yBac0n . 2 days ago

When is the Snyder Cut of this commercial coming out?
The Randomator

The Randomator . 2 days ago

The best celeb you tuber
Hamoudi Kobani

Hamoudi Kobani . 2 days ago

Malaynah https://youtu.be/qMmidRjK8mU
Sierra Davis

Sierra Davis . 2 days ago

Me: "sorry bout what? That mustache? Oh... wtf!"
Guy Who Knows Everything

Guy Who Knows Everything . 2 days ago

Me at the start: Please get rid of the moustache... Me at the end: Please get rid of the fleshstache...

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