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Laura Lee

Laura Lee

Published on 1 week ago

Hey Larlees, todays video is finally the REVEAL!! LauraLeeLosAngeles
& I am so excited to share with you this collection I've been working on, I know my brand has had a ton of launches as i've said before i'm enjoying myself, taking my time, and the process of creating makeup, I'm so in love with the Holiday in the Sun theme and how each piece turned out. Thank you all so much for the never ending support you guys mean the world to me. xo - Laura

EVERYTHING LAUNCHES ON: Friday 11/8 at 10am PST.

ALSO will be available on:
Beautie Cutie: https://beautycutie.com/brands/laura-lee-los-angeles.html
Monolith: https://www.monolith-shop.com/en/brands/laura-lee-l-a/

Glazed and Bronzed Duo Bundle: $30 SAVE $8


Glazed plus 3 Liquid lips: $39 SAVE $28
Bronzed plus 3 liquid lips: $39 SAVE $28

Liquid Lipstick $16 each
3 liquid lipstick bundle $38 SAVE: $10

Nudie Patootie + 3 Nudie Liquid Lipsticks Bundle $31 SAVE: $62

INSTAGRAM: Larlarlee
SNAPCHAT: Laura88lee

All Rights Reserved © 2019, Laura Lee

Comments :

Haley Richardson

Haley Richardson . 20 minutes ago

Yesssss, so excited for the launch!!😍
Mariam Ali

Mariam Ali . 2 hours ago

U look so dam cutie 😍
Alexandra Bellville

Alexandra Bellville . 2 hours ago

It is all beautiful and the prices are on point!
Mom2 Lm

Mom2 Lm . 3 hours ago

am I too late again?? insta mama2lm twitter mom2lx or vice versa. I just got my first @lauraleelosangeles or @lauralee items and should be here soon... not sure because the delivery site isn't updating. congrats to whoever wins!! it would be nice to win, of course, but because it's my 25th anniversary coming up!
makayla johnson

makayla johnson . 3 hours ago

I love the dedication of how she matched the WHOLE setting and her outfit to the theme of her launch 😍😭 and how she kept that top on even tho she could’ve taken it off due to the irritation
Jamie Brazil

Jamie Brazil . 4 hours ago

Sera Daisy

Sera Daisy . 4 hours ago

Love u Laura, I’m excited for ur new launch .. I’ve been waiting for this as I’ve purchased every single item you’ve come out with
Leti Panta

Leti Panta . 4 hours ago

Paris France

Paris France . 4 hours ago

New pallets!!!! Omg 😯
tiff searles

tiff searles . 4 hours ago


MrsCarterDork . 5 hours ago

love the lips!
Ashlyn Potter

Ashlyn Potter . 6 hours ago

I would love to win a set! 💖 Glazed is my fav
Jaime Moore

Jaime Moore . 6 hours ago

I may or may not use them as eye shadows at some point.
Reyes Calabaza

Reyes Calabaza . 6 hours ago

Laura Lee you are going places! Keep doing you boo 💓
Kathi Stemkowski

Kathi Stemkowski . 7 hours ago

Cynthia Tures

Cynthia Tures . 8 hours ago

Congratulations 🍾🥂🎉🎊🎈 ❤️❤️❤️ you and your family!! So much fun and laughs watching you and your family!!
Andrea Galindo

Andrea Galindo . 10 hours ago

Tammy Giacometti

Tammy Giacometti . 10 hours ago

Congrats Laura! I’d love to try them!
Hila Gissin

Hila Gissin . 12 hours ago

Beautiful, both you & the new products. Congratulations 🍾
Cece Rene

Cece Rene . 13 hours ago

I’m addicted to you Laura Lee! I love your attitude and personality! You seem warm and your products are not intrusive and are environmentally friendly 💝 and btw...I really thought you were going to tell us something important...I’m glad to see this episode! I’m a returning newbie...personality and genuineness is key and I feel you those qualities!!! Plus I love your golden presentation lol ;) I love your products and I hope they’re still on sale!!!! Thank you LLee!
Faedre Blue

Faedre Blue . 13 hours ago

They look fantastic i want them
Vanshika Sharma

Vanshika Sharma . 13 hours ago

You're so proud of these and we feel so good to see a happy proud Laura lee! Can't wait to use the amazing lip shades! ✨
laffytaffy god

laffytaffy god . 13 hours ago

Love these!!! & pricing is AMAZING....
Chloe Callan

Chloe Callan . 13 hours ago

yaaas xxxxxx

GlamVMarie . 14 hours ago

Sooooooooooooo exciteddddddddd IG; @vmariepotraiture
Ru Ben

Ru Ben . 14 hours ago

Alot of pretty women end up found sodomized and murdered floating on the river or at the banks of the river. Others have it worse, chopped up into pieces with their heads cut off. I wonder why? Why? Hmmm ? 🤔
Jessica Cornett

Jessica Cornett . 14 hours ago

The highlighters are so pretty!
J. Guerrero

J. Guerrero . 15 hours ago

You look ahhhmazing 🙌🔥
Seryna J

Seryna J . 17 hours ago

i hope i win!!!! 💜
Jessica Van Zandt

Jessica Van Zandt . 18 hours ago

Your life goals
April Bates

April Bates . 19 hours ago


Hellogabbiest . 19 hours ago

I love you Laura, as always awesome products, cant wait to get them!
Mara Fajardo

Mara Fajardo . 19 hours ago

yaaaaaasssss 💛
Nashli Marie

Nashli Marie . 21 hours ago

Soooo excited have always wanted to try your brand !!!

bridgetwelsch . 21 hours ago

love the lippies!
Tori Corts

Tori Corts . 21 hours ago

Denis suarez

Denis suarez . 21 hours ago

Jaay Belle

Jaay Belle . 21 hours ago

Love the highlighters and liquid lipsticks they are stunning !😍✨💄
Lala Told ya

Lala Told ya . 22 hours ago

Please pick me PLEASE 🙏🙏🙏
Kelly Peggs

Kelly Peggs . 22 hours ago

Beautiful! Nicely thought out launch and so I say priceless! Priced precise!
Stan King Taemin, you filthy peasant

Stan King Taemin, you filthy peasant . 22 hours ago

But wait theres more
nivedita singh

nivedita singh . 22 hours ago

Yayyyyy ... Loved the highlights
Jenny ramos

Jenny ramos . 23 hours ago

Lovee youuu Laura ❤️❤️
Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson . 23 hours ago

So excited for this launch!

highlifeme . 23 hours ago

I hope I'm not too late!! I was sick!!
Peggi Murphy

Peggi Murphy . 23 hours ago

I'm just learning about your brand and I am impressed! ♥️♥️
Andréanne Dufour-Morin

Andréanne Dufour-Morin . 24 hours ago

Starting wearing highlighter recently and I'm in love 😊
Ashley Hipkins

Ashley Hipkins . 24 hours ago

Denise Bazaldua

Denise Bazaldua . 24 hours ago

Can’t wait to get my hands on these ....time to save $$$😫😫
Tara Pennington

Tara Pennington . 24 hours ago


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