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Katy Perry - Cozy Little Christmas


Published on 4 days ago

Listen to "Cozy Little Christmas" here: http://katy.to/CozyLilXmasYD

Director: WATTS
Producer: Jack Winter & Targa Sahyoun

Join 25 Days of Cozy: http://katy.to/25DaysofCozy

Katy Perry Complete Collection on Spotify: http://katy.to/SpotifyCompleteYD
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Music video by Katy Perry performing Cozy Little Christmas. © 2019 Capitol Records, LLC

Comments :

Anjingy martyan

Anjingy martyan . 5 minutes ago

Exactly what I want for Christmas. No material things, just quality time with my family and special someone. 💕😘
Ritu Raj

Ritu Raj . 11 minutes ago

came for the massage! ;)
Denver Jeremillo

Denver Jeremillo . 11 minutes ago

Shadow 愛 Gaara

Shadow 愛 Gaara . 15 minutes ago

Yes! Christmas song❤🇮🇹
Captain Chaos

Captain Chaos . 15 minutes ago

I wonder how many naked pics you’ll offer people to vote for Hilliary if she runs again for president. How many naked pics did you give away in 2016 you ho bag.
Kristi Kristi

Kristi Kristi . 20 minutes ago

*BLACK HAIR* scene is everything
Chariss Marion Calbes

Chariss Marion Calbes . 20 minutes ago

The spa part was cringy... :p
Pokémon fan

Pokémon fan . 23 minutes ago

A Christmas song by Katy Perry❤️🔥 Then another one by Taylor Swift❤️🔥
Rihanna Teams

Rihanna Teams . 29 minutes ago

She saved the Christmas 🎄✨
Music Lover

Music Lover . 29 minutes ago

Queen of Christmas

Klistern2 . 30 minutes ago

this is a great song i love it
Jerry Mamayson

Jerry Mamayson . 32 minutes ago

Forever christmas anthem

Rafsun . 33 minutes ago

dont care about stupid kismas. m here for nude perry.
Animegirl's channel

Animegirl's channel . 34 minutes ago

Craig Callaghan

Craig Callaghan . 36 minutes ago

Unless you are Mariah Carey, Christmas songs are career suicide.
Faiz Amerruddin

Faiz Amerruddin . 39 minutes ago

How i wish she can make ‘everyday is a holiday’ official mv
Jesselle Mata

Jesselle Mata . 44 minutes ago

This looks like something a Drag Queen would imitate

Azikov . 47 minutes ago

Кто любит Кети Перри лайс
Mahdi tv

Mahdi tv . 48 minutes ago

what a great song freakish song impressive song wonderful ang very nice
Ira Kira

Ira Kira . 48 minutes ago

Как же мне нравится у снеговика маленький нос))) и Katy в бокале, такого ни у кого я не видела!)

Dimash . 50 minutes ago

who is here before 1B views?
Aesthetic Tutorials

Aesthetic Tutorials . 50 minutes ago

Yess some of the NZ xmassss
Oscar Koehler

Oscar Koehler . 52 minutes ago

Albraa FJ

Albraa FJ . 53 minutes ago

Way down u go katy

B QV . 53 minutes ago

Hay quá!!!

2B18 LEE KA LAM . 53 minutes ago

1:09 seriously he takes 364 days off in a year
Daniel Oliverio

Daniel Oliverio . 59 minutes ago

Katy I want free tickets to your show in Rosemont tomorrow. DM me. You owe me. I’m being dead serious the music industry owes me and I want backstage hang out and grab some food after.
Jim Hayes

Jim Hayes . 1 hour ago

Should I stop pausing the video to see Katy’s gorgeous cheeks? Asking for a friend.
Carl Jhonson

Carl Jhonson . 1 hour ago

2x speed
Akash lohar

Akash lohar . 1 hour ago

Love your Black Hairs Queen 😍😍😘😘😘😘
Akash lohar

Akash lohar . 1 hour ago

She look So beautiful With Black Hairs ✨😍😘😘

jet687 . 1 hour ago

Pop Queen of Camp all the way!
Ivailo B.

Ivailo B. . 1 hour ago


ТИМА . 1 hour ago


Phillips . 2 hours ago

Step 1. Go to Google Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviestoday Step 3. Enjoy! Katy Perry - Cozy Little Christmas “Well, nowIf little by little you stop loving meI shall stop loving youLittle by littleIf suddenly you forget meDo not look for meFor I shall already have forgotten youIf you think it long and mad the wind of banners that passes through my lifeAnd you decide to leave me at the shore of the heart where I have rootsRememberThat on that day, at that hour, I shall lift my armsAnd my roots will set off to seek another land “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They
Claudio de Souza

Claudio de Souza . 2 hours ago

ka ella

ka ella . 2 hours ago

AJ 316

AJ 316 . 2 hours ago

Another great new Christmas song by Tobymac. https://youtu.be/4Nun20FtBVA
tai anthony

tai anthony . 2 hours ago

Why she have make every normal things in sluty way..
Listen Brother

Listen Brother . 2 hours ago

I thought you died from a overdose
Dana Christina

Dana Christina . 2 hours ago

Am i the only one who wasnt really shooked about the black hair, but more about the massage scene?
Bima D T Sakti

Bima D T Sakti . 2 hours ago

Todd Lynch

Todd Lynch . 2 hours ago

1:43 I'm getting serious Waking Up In Vegas vibes from this scene, if you threw in Christmas decorations, that is.
harikrishna guduri

harikrishna guduri . 2 hours ago

Our love is something priceless😍😍
ava Ebrahim pour

ava Ebrahim pour . 2 hours ago

My love
ava Ebrahim pour

ava Ebrahim pour . 2 hours ago

So cute
ava Ebrahim pour

ava Ebrahim pour . 2 hours ago

I love it
ava Ebrahim pour

ava Ebrahim pour . 2 hours ago

Alex Robidoux

Alex Robidoux . 2 hours ago

She never met the perv Santa before making this video...
Yuri Suescun

Yuri Suescun . 2 hours ago

Al menos a esta le esta yendo mejor que small talk c: love u katy

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