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Telling our dogs they're adopted (Emotional) (YIAY #491)


Published on 4 days ago

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Tyliir . 5 minutes ago

#YIAYsong "Cats releases 5 days before Christmas, that's the REAL holiday"

smartpug967 . 11 minutes ago

#YIAYsong The Carolls are f**ked
William Jr Climer

William Jr Climer . 46 minutes ago

#yiaysong All I want for Christmas is poo
Septiplier Zanvis

Septiplier Zanvis . 1 hour ago

#YIAYsong "My cousin kissed me under the Mistletoe"

Starbuck32123 . 1 hour ago

#yiaysong im the bad guy
Ralph Tomkinson

Ralph Tomkinson . 1 hour ago

#YIAYsong “Why do I imagine Santa as a furry”

Doesn'tRingAbell . 2 hours ago

#YIAYsong snow
piano chameleon

piano chameleon . 2 hours ago

"Bruh bruh bruh, bruh bruh, i cheated on your wife, bruh bruh bruh lemma pluck your eyes" #YIAYsong
Jose Morales

Jose Morales . 2 hours ago

#YIAYsong Santa is maybe gay?
CL7 Productions

CL7 Productions . 3 hours ago

“Now the rapping part is over, we can get to jolly” #YIAYsong

RandomRavenclaw . 3 hours ago

#YIAYsong “Mariah Carey is coming for you”
Angelgamer1207 Alt

Angelgamer1207 Alt . 3 hours ago

#YIAYsong Bout to unwrap those's presents
Devon Nicole

Devon Nicole . 3 hours ago

"mariah should've stopped singing a LONG time ago" #YIAYsong
Rory Hoffman

Rory Hoffman . 3 hours ago

#YIAYsong Shrek the hall is a timeless movie
Floating -chan

Floating -chan . 3 hours ago

#YIAYsong Hellish

Blucube . 4 hours ago

#YIAYsong “Joe”
Zaidan Cooper

Zaidan Cooper . 4 hours ago

kill the fat Man U or you a poo #yaiysong

Green450 . 4 hours ago

"Christmas is a corporate invention" #YIAYsong
Jayden Tran

Jayden Tran . 4 hours ago

#YAIYsong “Ohhhhhh yeah”

Benman10 . 4 hours ago

I am square cheese and i like Eat cheese
Fisher IsAwesome

Fisher IsAwesome . 4 hours ago

No #YIAYsong

YourLocalSubway . 4 hours ago

"Ho ho hOwO" #YIAYsong

YourLocalSubway . 4 hours ago

"Make Christmas brighter and buy some gasoline!" #YIAYsong

YourLocalSubway . 4 hours ago

"There is an old man in my house" #YIAYsong
Mr. Meme Teacher

Mr. Meme Teacher . 4 hours ago

#YIAYsong no
FiddleMusic Play

FiddleMusic Play . 4 hours ago

#YIAYsong On my sweating face was the blessing of Santa's hot bootie
Unshaken Productions

Unshaken Productions . 4 hours ago

Death of a Cookie Or Santa's Eating Spree #YIAYsong
Nitron`s life

Nitron`s life . 4 hours ago

#YIAYsong "God bless you, sneezing gentleman whomever you may be"
The Turkey's Basement

The Turkey's Basement . 5 hours ago

#YIAYsong it kreemas yay

yee_etpandas . 5 hours ago

Not you #yiaysong
Collin Legenhausen

Collin Legenhausen . 5 hours ago

#yiaysong Socks again why do I deserve this hippcracy
Bella Reale

Bella Reale . 5 hours ago

"Garland? more like Garfield. Amiright guys?" #YIAYsong
Jamal Rey

Jamal Rey . 5 hours ago

I have no clue what this is all about; however, this guy is a total douche.
Anna S

Anna S . 5 hours ago

#YIAYsong Gotta wear chapstick cuz cuz the winds so wintery

EYBOI07 . 6 hours ago

#YAIYsong My name is santa ho ho ho bro
The Stories of Lostland Idaho

The Stories of Lostland Idaho . 6 hours ago

#YIAYsong I get illegal sonic fanfiction for free
The Stories of Lostland Idaho

The Stories of Lostland Idaho . 6 hours ago

#YIAYsong raping strangers under the misoltoe
Mr Beanos

Mr Beanos . 6 hours ago

#YiaySong “Mom I found coal in my shoe”
Grace Beaudrie

Grace Beaudrie . 6 hours ago

It's the poor that Santa hates. #YIAYsong
Exploration world

Exploration world . 6 hours ago


Amne . 6 hours ago

"Furry hentai" #YIAYsong

SuperNoob . 6 hours ago

#YIAYsong Santa is a fun guy Hope he doesn’t give me fungi
King Killough

King Killough . 6 hours ago

Yaiysong doggo
Fujiwaro nai Makou

Fujiwaro nai Makou . 6 hours ago

"It`s Christmas already for 30 days again, well for America that is. And only America." #YIAYsong
Christian Sarmiento

Christian Sarmiento . 7 hours ago

#YIAYsong "I think i need to pee"
Christian Sarmiento

Christian Sarmiento . 7 hours ago

im mad someone stole my food idea

Shrimp . 7 hours ago

#YIAYsong Ebenezer scrooge
Elvia Beza

Elvia Beza . 7 hours ago

Xmas is gooing in debt YEET #YIAYSONG

Sir_Reyz . 7 hours ago

“Leave your answer in the comments below.”
Time loop Productions

Time loop Productions . 7 hours ago

Santa clauses thick booty

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