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How We Left BuzzFeed, from 4 Different Perspectives
The Try Guys

The Try Guys

Published on 4 days ago

The story you’ve all been waiting for! Welcome to our new mini series: Story Try. New episodes every Monday through December! Happy #Trymas!

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Comments :

The Try Guys

The Try Guys . 4 days ago

Shop our Cyber Monday 24 Hr. FLASH sale! Up to 50% off NEW select items and 25% site-wide! Get our new merch and exclusive deals on tryguys.com NOW! Happy shopping Try-Tops! 🛒 http://bit.ly/2k0XD4b

jack . 44 seconds ago

i haven’t watched them in months so i come back and they left buzzfeed-
Selmula Fun Time

Selmula Fun Time . 3 minutes ago

My reaction to the title was “wait this isn’t buzzfeed?”
Ayesha Shahzad

Ayesha Shahzad . 9 minutes ago

What, do you need to start a company to start your YouTube channel ????🤨
Georgia C.

Georgia C. . 1 hour ago

I’m still in denial that 2018 was two years ago.
Sven Vikk

Sven Vikk . 2 hours ago

I’m the type of person who would take over 7 years to decide what color I want
Jeff Brehove

Jeff Brehove . 2 hours ago

Ned clearly seems to have his shit together. He's too good for Buzzfeed and for the try guys
Katie Book

Katie Book . 2 hours ago

literally only thing good left at Buzzfeed is Buzzfeed Unsolved

shawnam1023 . 2 hours ago

But what was the original company name-
Alexandria Duncan

Alexandria Duncan . 2 hours ago

Lmao I watch but I’m not subscribed
Shannon Yep

Shannon Yep . 2 hours ago

"his name [Ned] rhymes with Ned" -Zach
Ben Souther

Ben Souther . 3 hours ago

Eugene’s coming out video is hands down the best Try Guys video and one of the best YouTube videos ever made I don’t make the rules
Aish A

Aish A . 3 hours ago

Next thing WORTH IT becomes independent 💯
marcia beasley

marcia beasley . 3 hours ago

WOW! Try Guys finally make a video with GOOD CONTENT! I’m ACTUALLY interested in watching this video!

becca . 3 hours ago

Am I the only one that didn’t know that they left?
Alvadee Boyer

Alvadee Boyer . 3 hours ago

I really want to know what the original name was 🤣
garbage person

garbage person . 3 hours ago

I thought this channel was part of buzzfeed
Alvadee Boyer

Alvadee Boyer . 3 hours ago

Whose gunna tell ned that he is pink not red 🤣🤣🤣

Geneva . 3 hours ago

Didn’t realize I wasn’t subscribed to you guys so I quickly righted that wrong
Green Giant

Green Giant . 4 hours ago

No surprise that these manginas were at buzzfeed.
Deborah Baker

Deborah Baker . 4 hours ago

omg guys Eugene the gay queen it rhymes
Rayna Jay

Rayna Jay . 4 hours ago

"I picked purple because it's the gayest & royalist" I love Eugene
Andrew Herwald

Andrew Herwald . 4 hours ago

Zachs hair still looks like shit. Just shave it!

JordanLeo . 4 hours ago

Should have stayed at buzz feed
Piloy S

Piloy S . 4 hours ago

I jealous of american people who can possibly go to see you guys in real person. You guys are very great. I enjoy your videos very much❤
Jessie Lemon

Jessie Lemon . 4 hours ago

Wait Eugene came out????
Amanda Morales

Amanda Morales . 4 hours ago

I LOVED THE BARKCHSHLER WHAT!!! Meet dogs in the area next time.
Christian kathryn Grimes

Christian kathryn Grimes . 5 hours ago

i never understood the big deal of lap sitting
I’m Legit cool

I’m Legit cool . 5 hours ago

I’m rightttt you’re wronggggg shut uppppp
Marwah Kazami

Marwah Kazami . 5 hours ago

Keith I'm sorry I didn't know I wasn't subscribed. I've been watching all the videos though! I think there's people like me who just don't know among the 25m subscribers. Subscribed now 😊
Samantha Garcia

Samantha Garcia . 5 hours ago

Is there an application for that HR position?
brooke shambo

brooke shambo . 5 hours ago

after Keith's rant I subscribed

deathglitterr . 5 hours ago

Idk why I thought The Try Guys was part of Buzzfeed
Mary Thayn

Mary Thayn . 6 hours ago

I wanna know the first name of the company
Melissa P

Melissa P . 6 hours ago

Do a video on your team please! I've been wondering who else has joined since starting.

Samtract . 6 hours ago

Buzzfeed hardly gets any views anymore
Naadei Ashie

Naadei Ashie . 6 hours ago

Awww but I really loved The Barkchshler

RedShoes29 . 7 hours ago

Keith's tirade at the end made me realize that I havenn't subscribe yet despite watching multiple videos. Subbed!
That Purple Comedy Kid

That Purple Comedy Kid . 7 hours ago

I LOVE THE BARKSHLER lmao nooo I can't belive you guys don't like it ah lol

nakhla1000 . 7 hours ago

No one: 6:17:
Zun Win

Zun Win . 7 hours ago

5:29 i got a weird vampy spooky feel from ned... just me?

RedShoes29 . 7 hours ago

Buzzfeed fell from the radar after Safiya and the Try Guys left. It doesnt help that there hasnt been an episode of Steven's series and that the Unsolved series hasnt made any compelling episodes lately.
Pikaboo Vlogs

Pikaboo Vlogs . 7 hours ago

15 staffs? how do you park 15 cars in front of the house?
Jas Em

Jas Em . 7 hours ago

I didn’t even know you left, if I did I would’ve subscribed immediately
Candace Young

Candace Young . 7 hours ago

Just subscribed!
Kae R

Kae R . 8 hours ago

Who’s idea was is it
Sam I Am

Sam I Am . 8 hours ago

I want more content like Keith’s hot sauce because that video was bomb. Just videos where you learn to do something or go somewhere. You guys should go noodling like Brad and Matty did from the BA test kitchen. Probably my all time favorite YouTube video and it would be hilarious to see you guys get out there and do something like that outside of your comfort zone
Michaela Saunders

Michaela Saunders . 8 hours ago

wE LeFt BuZzFeEd

the_bin_man . 8 hours ago

Good job leaving the anti straight white man society.
puas sapnu

puas sapnu . 8 hours ago

Now unsolved needs to leave buzzfeed

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