Today we take you to Atlanta, Georgia to tour the sprawling Tyler Perry Studios. Home to productions like Marvel’s “Black Panther” and AMC Networks’ “The Walking Dead,” the self-made entertainment legend’s production compound is larger than Warner Bros. and Walt Disney’s Burbank studios combined. 12 newly-dedicated sound stages are joined by an entire backlot neighborhood called “Maxineville,” featuring a perfect replica of Madea’s house. Tyler Perry Studios is the centerpiece of Georgia’s burgeoning film industry and a testament to the vision, success, and generosity of its founder.

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Inside Tyler Perry’s 300-Acre Studio Compound in Atlanta | Open Door | Architectural Digest

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sammie smith

sammie smith . 28 minutes ago

Very cool.

SideWayz . 31 minutes ago

Just to maintain the whole lot is worth more then ill ever make in my life time. Damn! Tyler deserves that and everything thats coming to him. Boy does that man work hard.
Maria Ali

Maria Ali . 31 minutes ago

This made me cry.. but happy tears..
Darryl Harris

Darryl Harris . 59 minutes ago

Loving it💯

winnieapoo . 1 hour ago

You are a freakin creative mastermind genius!!!!! I am in total awe of your skill, and talent and of you as a human being!!!! 💖
Dela Akafia - Dela12Frames

Dela Akafia - Dela12Frames . 2 hours ago

#super fantastic #TylerPerry #myrolemodel😍
Bukkiah Moolom

Bukkiah Moolom . 2 hours ago


MonroeHandyMan . 2 hours ago

He's very smart! The Higher up's of Hollywood would never allow this there, so he took it to Atlanta and did it his way! I'd bet they are getting a piece of it though.

L S . 2 hours ago

😗💄I LOVE YOU TYLER PERRY 😙💋 I watched Boo 2 ten times and I get watching Boo 2 😂

addis11100 . 2 hours ago

the WH with meskerem

anthonyboyd80 . 2 hours ago

This is so Dope ✊🏿 Makes me proud to be BLACK @briefcase_tony
Bianca Jhané

Bianca Jhané . 2 hours ago

Wow! This is so amazing! I would love to actually go and see it.

animalmini1 . 2 hours ago

Amazing what ge has accomplished in all the years of me watching him and his work on tv .. so proud .. and happy to know it will continue for new generations to see
Laurie Bouck

Laurie Bouck . 2 hours ago

I admire this man so much! Funny, Faithful and Talented!
Valerie Brown Cheers

Valerie Brown Cheers . 2 hours ago

Congratulations and thanks for allowing us a peep and I look forward to visiting! You are brilliant Tyler!
I'mSoo Shook

I'mSoo Shook . 3 hours ago

Remarkable ideas!!!


It pained me to actually feel that Madea doesn't exist 😂😂😂😂
marva hunter

marva hunter . 3 hours ago

This is awesome.. can you built me a one room studio blessing my brother
J. Lee

J. Lee . 3 hours ago


Alex . 3 hours ago

What a great mind you are. Big props for all your success


That's nice brother.
A Mac

A Mac . 3 hours ago

This man is the definition of hard work and success. #StayHumble
fefe26 MW

fefe26 MW . 3 hours ago

He just built a whole nother world...

nobjr387 . 4 hours ago

He is a bad man
Nata Nunez Medina

Nata Nunez Medina . 4 hours ago

😍😍😍 makes me want to follow my dreams
First Last

First Last . 4 hours ago

joutlaw 757

joutlaw 757 . 4 hours ago

One of many GOATS my generation can learn from!

Bignate . 4 hours ago

Wow that is amazing beautiful Simply Beautiful
Julius Carter

Julius Carter . 4 hours ago

He sold his bar to the studio in which he owned, all of it!! My man TP!! $$$$
aaron xdcs

aaron xdcs . 4 hours ago

this is literally his minecraft server
its Marie

its Marie . 4 hours ago

@tylerperry your a very amazing person love madea wonderful movies and play the voice so well wow impressive
Dawn Lotus

Dawn Lotus . 4 hours ago

Jay'ah Monaé

Jay'ah Monaé . 4 hours ago

I absolutely adore Mr. Perry
Kevin S

Kevin S . 4 hours ago

i am so happy to see tyler perry building his EMPIRE. I pray ws doesnt try to mess this up
Grand Zeno

Grand Zeno . 4 hours ago

Madea: Welcomes Welcomes MTV CRIBS : am I a joke to you
No Bo

No Bo . 5 hours ago

Tyler Perry is Dave Chappelle had he not quit comedy central.
beaujocque Mouton

beaujocque Mouton . 5 hours ago

Proud of you Tyler Perry Amen brother I don't mind being in one of your shows
Talisa Skeen

Talisa Skeen . 5 hours ago

9 Times Out Of 10, He Spent Alot Of Money and 10 Times Out 10, Hes Gonna Make It All Back + More ‼💯
Nathan Bankhead

Nathan Bankhead . 5 hours ago

Thank you Mr. Perry! Thank you for reigniting a passion in me to dream again! You are a living ICON!

Lunerversal . 5 hours ago

We have 913 Haters who can’t stand the success of Tyler Perry or just hating on a black brother. What is there not to like?
Christian's Grandma

Christian's Grandma . 5 hours ago

I am sooo glad his mother was able to see his success. I can only imagine how proud she was. Great job!
Tonice Mon’a

Tonice Mon’a . 5 hours ago

Goals ❤️❗️💯
Dreads Mr.notalkn

Dreads Mr.notalkn . 5 hours ago

Keep goin young brother
Ujan Mann

Ujan Mann . 6 hours ago

Just wow

Watchtower7 . 6 hours ago

Well damn, I guess you showed them MF's....only thing though...should've painted the "White House" black... by
John Doe

John Doe . 6 hours ago

Look, I am rich. Your not.

blazeovich . 6 hours ago

'Preciate you, Tyler. You're blazing the trail. #Epsteindidntkillhimself.
Bechi Blogs

Bechi Blogs . 6 hours ago

Simply Amazing.
Chioma Nwozor

Chioma Nwozor . 6 hours ago

This is beyond awesome. You inspire me a lot Tyler Perry. Can I come visit the studio?

T1C3 . 6 hours ago

Gah damn!

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